Plan Vancouver’s Air Conditioning Installation Before the Competition Gets Hot

Spring is the perfect time to plan for an air conditioning installation in Vancouver

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Burnaby, BC — (Release Wire) — 06/17/2022 — It might not feel like it, but the Weather Network Canada has predicted above-normal temperatures this summer. While it probably won’t reach the scorching heights of last year, now is the best time to think about how to keep family members cool and comfortable when the mercury rises. Before the industry heats up, the team at Furnace Nation Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC recommend scheduling the installation of the air conditioner as well as maintenance and repair services. To find out more, visit

Installation of air conditioner is often a detailed process. What type of system is required? How big should it be? Will a heat pump suffice? Where to place the unit? And how long will the whole process take? Most Vancouverites postpone it until temperatures hit twenty degrees. As a result, it is impossible to schedule a technician and there is no longer a single fan on the store shelves.

Before this happens, take preventive action. Spring is the perfect time to tackle air conditioning installation in vancouver . And Nation Furnace Heating & Air Conditioning HVAC technicians can provide advice and guidance in finding the best solutions for any space.

Air conditioners on the market today are powerful and elegant. Their large coils can cool considerable spaces, but no matter how advanced the unit and the technology, skill is needed to maximize efficiency and minimize energy requirements. The Nation Furnace Heating & Air Conditioning HVAC team can provide advice on all aspects of installing an air conditioner, including:

– Choose the right size for a spave
– Recommend energy efficient models
– Choose the right space for the unit
– Make sure that the ducts are correctly laid
– Installation of smart thermostats
– Ongoing maintenance and coolant top-ups

Nation Furnace Heating & Air Conditioning HVAC serves areas of the Lower Mainland including Greater Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Port Moody and Delta.

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