Pine Bluffs City Council holds special project meeting

Pine Bluffs City Council has a special meeting, then a second meeting just for project discussion on March 23 at 4 p.m.

For new business, contact for lawn care and landscaping. Council member Allie Leitza nominated Evergreen Lawn and Tree Care Company to receive the contract. Council Member Janna Kestner seconded. All approved.

Next come the sixth-cent projects. Kim Patterson suggests bonding all projects except water and road maintenance. They estimate that around $95,000 per month (more or less) will come to Pine Bluffs. The first to be bonded will be road preparation work for the railroad for the Wyoming DOT project. The next link will be for the North area to prepare for developers with possibly a grant. Another bond will be for equipment due to obsolescence and need. Then comes the electric. There was a discussion about the water system. Mayor Justin Fornstrom believes the water project should also be bonded. The only one that will not be bonded will be street maintenance. After all the discussion, council member Allie Leitza made a motion to endorse all projects except road maintenance. Council Member Mike Ragsdale seconded. All approved.

The second meeting was discussions on different projects.

The first project was for emergency medical services. Derek Walls has resigned as director. The discussion was how people can not burn out. They currently have eight on the service. Two more people will soon be ready to join them on EMS. The city council is considering a salary and more support. The problem is that more and more people are moving to the area and Burns no longer has EMS service.

The next project is to replace the cemetery fence. They feel that the cement northern border needs to be looked at. It has been there for years and may deteriorate. Additionally, the fence on Harrison also needs to be replaced.

Another project is the animal ordinance. Big worries about feral cats. The ability to spay with local veterinarians or the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. Plus, catching cats for better homes. The State of Wyoming admits that cats are predatory animals. Second, owners must only have four animals, unless they are grandfathered. In different areas, an owner can have six chickens and no roosters with a chicken coop. If you are a breeder, there could be zoning issues. All of this is under discussion.

Next comes solar. Having the home owner only have solar panels on the roof. The signs in the yard are questionable. Along with solar panels, net meters must be installed. Net meters should be on the network only in case of different owners.

Another project is the nuisance project. Spring cleaning is coming in April to help homeowners clean up yards and get rid of items too big for dumpsters. Need to ride in vehicles that sit around town. Mayor Fornstrom suggests walking the streets and taking notes on what needs to be done.

The next project is the airport advisory board. Alex Davison is studying this.

The last project is the budget. The board is hosting a workshop on April 27.

The next appointment is April 11.

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