Parsons Street Players presents Mary Poppins

The Parsons Street Players perform Mary Poppins this Friday through Saturday at the Rye High School Performing Arts Center.

Schedules are :

  • Friday March 18 at 7 p.m.
  • Saturday March 19 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Tickets are available at the door – $10 adults, $5 students, seniors are free.

The cast and crew list follows:

List of actors
Bert – Sean Mealey
George Banks – Henry Simmons
Winifred Banks – Tess Tuneski
Jane-Lauren Solomon
Michael–Mark O’Brien
Katie Nanna / Ens. – Lila Caparelli
Policeman / Ens. –Vincent Sculti
Miss Lark / Ens. –Sophie Wu
Admiral Boom / Ens. – Juliet Smith
Mrs. Brill – Gaby Gomez
Robertson Ay – Keith Miller
Mary Poppins – Penelope Peters
Park Warden / Ens. –Tino Sculti
Neleus / Ens. –Jos White
Statue – Bella Berrocal
Statue – Sophie Wu
Queen Victoria / Ens. – Emma Kelly-Walsh
Bank President / Ens. –Thiago Oppermann
Bank Manager / Ens. –Kristin DeLorenzo
Miss Smythe / Ens. – Juliet Smith
Von Hussler / Ens. –Ayden Hufford
Northbrook / Ens. – Monique Macarie
Bird Woman / Dance Cap.of Ensemble – Bella Berrocal
Ms. Corry / Ens. –Sydney Brown
Miss Andrew – Jessie Gadaleta
Annie / Ens. –Kiki Keith
Fannie / Ens. – Karis Repetto
Valentin / Ens. – Cassandra Creek
Teddy Bear / Set – Eva Cerda
Ms. Punch / Ens. – Eleanor Collins
Doll / Set –Jennifer Huyhua

Chimney Sweep Set: (Park Goers, Supercali, Kites, Chimney Sweeps)
Madeleine Kilroy
Haley Kloepfer
Zoe Loizeaux
Timmy O’Donnell
Vincent Sculti

Valentine – Cassandra Brook
Teddy bear – Eva Cerda
Doll – Jennifer Huyhua
Old wooden puppet – Timothy O’Donnell
Toy soldier – Karis Repetto
Barbie – Eleanor Collins
Raggedy Anne – Emma Kelly-Walsh
Porcelain doll – Haley Kloepfer
Ballerina Music Box – Madeline Kilroy

Student stage crew
Stage Manager – Julie Saito
Assistant Stage Managers – Zoe Dempster
Microphones – Odessa Meulbroek
Race Team – Cameron Slocumb, Esme Girard, Daniel Masonet, James Patouhas, Alyssa Ross
Accessory Masters – Lilibet Kerwin
Spotlight – Matthieu Pellegrini
Sound Card Operator – Eunsoo Chang, Henry Tighe
Light board operator
Backstage Costume Manager – Sophie Molitor
Costume assistants – Mari Moerschen

Student musicians
Flute – Phi Cai
Clarinet – Maggie Graseck
Cello – Chris Park
Bass – Caleb Kaufman
Keyboard – Dorah Lane
Percussion – Riley Chapman
Auxiliary Percussion – James Surak

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