Outdoor workers take precautions in the heat

LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) – Starting work early, drinking plenty of water and taking constant breaks are what people who work outdoors do to stay cool. In this line of work, there are deadlines to meet, and whether it’s hot or cold, the job has to get done.

Adres Olivo, owner of Waterstone properties, said he was trying to get every home built within 6 months. He said working in extreme heat requires planning as it can affect the number of hours worked per day.

“We start about 6 stuff, you know, you’re done at 4:30. And it depends on whether we work indoors or outdoors. If we work inside a house, we try to stay a little longer and beat the heat. If we’re working outside, we try to cut early around 3:30 p.m.,” Olivo said.

Olivo said today they started outside but went inside around 2am to beat the heat.

Casey Carr is the owner of Casey’s lawn care, landscaping and more and he said they average 10 jobs a day, even in weather like this. But the lack of rain is slowing down business.

“Some of my bi-weekly clients didn’t call me you know or, I showed up for the bi-weekly and their like hey we don’t have rain the lawn hasn’t grown we don’t want it cut “, said Carr.

“I mean honestly, sometimes I look at the weather with humor, because I have to do it anyway, anyway, it’s okay, I have to be here to work it so, I just watch and see what I’m going to do do today,” Carr said.

Carr said it’s very important to take care of your employees in heat like this. Letting them take multiple breaks and keeping them hydrated is vital not only for them but also for your business.

“You know, as a business owner, you know what I’m saying, I hey, it may cost you money, but it could cost you more money in the long run if you lose that worker you know. So take care of your guys, give them breaks and make sure you keep a cooler full of ice water at work,” Carr said.

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