Orthodox White Christmas for Twin Tiers

Julian Calendar followers find they are celebrating a White Christmas for 2022.

A few inches of snow was forecast for the night of January 6-7, and emergency service officials reported that road crews were salting and, in some areas of heavier snowfall, clearing the roads. at 2:30 a.m.

No serious accidents were reported overnight, but Tioga County reported incidents of slip-disabled vehicles. There had been several disabled vehicles on State Route 18 / Interstate 86, but dispatchers said the incidents were “nothing serious.”

The Binghamton National Weather Service released a dangerous weather forecast at 3:17 a.m. on January 7 for central New York City and northeastern Pennsylvania, indicating that gusty flurries were possible all afternoon , primarily for counties along and west of Interstate 81.

Forecasters warn that precipitation could quickly cause changes in visibility and light accumulations of snow on the roads.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation officials Thursday night lowered speed limits to 45 miles per hour and restricted trucks to the right-hand lane on all of Interstate 81 as well as all of 1 -80, I-380 and all of I-84 due to anticipated snow and ice.

A statement from PennDOT said crews were treating the roads around the clock with the primary purpose of keeping the roads passable, not completely free of ice and snow. PennDOT says the road will be treated throughout the storm until the precipitation stops and the roads are cleared.

Another system is expected to bring mixed precipitation, including sleet and freezing rain that could cause ice from Saturday night to Sunday morning.

Meanwhile, some Orthodox churches in the area were marking the birth of Christ with services on Thursday evening and more services were scheduled for Friday.

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