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ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOV) — The phone has been ringing for 14-year-old Lawrence Hoye as the North County teenager tries to balance his schoolwork with his burgeoning lawn care business.

Last Thursday, News 4 spoke with Hoye amid a winter storm dumping more than 7 inches of snow and ice across much of the St. Louis area.

“The fact that I’m looking at my future, basically where I want to be, inspired me to start this business,” Hoye said.

After launching the business last summer, Hoye said he’s been working hard to go door-to-door with potential clients and introduce his business, Hoye Creek Lawncare and Landscaping, to the public.

But now, just five days after speaking with News 4, he said business was booming like he had never seen before.

It’s been pretty hectic, we’ve been constantly on the road doing work,” he said. “My mother is the backbone of this business. Without her, we would not be able to travel to the region to do this work. »

During snow days and weekends, Hoye said he cleans more than 10 properties a day. However, that has nothing to do with how many people he said he heard about.

“We have received over 1,000 emails, calls and texts from people asking me to come and help them,” he said. “The phone literally hasn’t stopped ringing. I haven’t watched TV in a week!”

Despite rising temperatures and melting snow this week, business isn’t slowing down. After school on Monday, Hoye serviced three more properties, with more planned throughout the week.

“I had to hire another employee,” he said. “So the three of us go to the properties and are able to knock them out much faster.”

NORTH COUNTY ( – A North County teenager makes the most of the winter storm, pushes…

Amid the flurry of emails Hoye received was one from Elizabeth Ortmann, who lives in Madison, Wisconsin. Her family is moving to St. Louis and after seeing a friend sharing the story on social media, she asked Lawrence a question.

“I emailed him and told him we were moving and asked if he would like our snow blower,” she said. “He said he was definitely interested, so I loaded him into the back of my car and drove to St. Louis with one of my kids.”

Ortmann said the timing of the trip was perfect because she had already planned to come to St. Louis to review school districts with one of her children. The trip gave him the opportunity to meet Lawrence and his family.

“As a parent of three children, I really like to see someone take initiative and really try to do something and start a business, to have that fire in their stomach to start something new,” said she declared. “I could have easily given it to a neighbor who I’m sure would put it to good use with all the snow we get in Wisconsin, but I decided to give it to a student who really achieves that goal. incredible.”

Now Hoye said he was able to clean properties much faster, allowing him to serve more customers.

“Without [them] we wouldn’t have the luxury of using that snowblower and destroying properties 10 times faster,” he said.

Hoye said he looks forward to what the spring and summer seasons will bring as he moves into lawn care and landscaping. Although he admits that school will always come first, he is excited about the opportunity to grow his business. His goal is to buy a truck to transport his equipment and have his mother drive it until he can get his learner’s license next winter.

“It’s like it all happened so fast and you have to sit down and let it all sink in,” he said.

To contact Hoye, email him at [email protected] or text him at 314-793-6473.

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