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NORTH COUNTY ( – A North County teenager is making the most of the winter storm by shoveling driveways as part of his lawn care business.

Lawrence Hoye, 14, started Hoye Creek Lawn & Landscaping last summer using old lawnmowers and landscaping equipment he collected. From there, he began offering fall cleaning services, picking up leaves for customers.

Now he’s in full force shoveling the aisles for new and returning customers.

“I will say it’s been really busy, everyone snowed in, I get a lot of calls from new clients and clients,” Hoye said.

Hoye spreads awareness of his business by skateboarding around his neighborhood, his mother said.

“I go door-to-door and distribute flyers and network in this way, which lets people know I’m here and can help them,” he said.

Hoye even has an employee, whom he said he often sends out on bigger jobs with the company’s snowblower.

I sent him to one of our residential properties yesterday to clear the snow for us,” he said.

His passion for being an entrepreneur inspired him to start the business and will hopefully propel him to bigger and better things, he said.

“The fact that I’m looking at my future, basically where I want to be, inspired me to start this business,” he said.

Hoye said he was saving his earnings to buy a truck, which he hopes to use to transport his gear. The only problem is that he’s not old enough to drive.

“Next December, when I’m 15, I’ll get my license so my mum will be with me in the truck when I drive,” he laughed.

If you would like to contact Hoye for snow removal service, call 314-793-6473 or email [email protected]

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