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Air ducts serve as a home’s lungs, which means that whatever they breathe they will eventually breathe out. If left unclean, they will recirculate all kinds of pollutants, allergens and dirt back into living spaces.

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Spring is often the busiest cleaning season of the year. Many homeowners feel pressured to clean their homes inside and out, open their windows, and let in the fresh scents of spring after a long, cold winter. But how often do people consider the dirt that has accumulated inside their air ducts during the winter?

Lack of additional ventilation, such as opening windows, traps a lot of pollutants, bacteria, and dust in air ducts throughout the winter. Sadly, most people are so determined to let the breeze in when spring rolls around that they forget about these formidable workaholics – air ducts. Air duct cleaning is memorized only after people suffer from allergies and inhale dusty air.

It is for this reason that Noble Air, Austin’s premier air duct cleaning service, advocates regular cleaning and maintenance of residential and commercial air ducts. According to Noble Air, there are a lot of contaminants and odors that get trapped in air ducts. Tobacco smoke, pet dander, dust and many more can cause strong odors.

However, foul smells are the least of Noble Air’s worries. Cleaning air ducts is more than that, even if it removes contaminants that produce foul odors in a home. It is above all a question of health. As dust, pet dander, and pollen collect in the air ducts, they are gently released into the home as the air circulates.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) warns that dirty air ducts circulate contaminants and pollutants 5-7 times a day in an indoor space. This recirculation of impurities can build up in HVAC systems over time. Hence, they wreak havoc on anyone with an airborne allergy in a home.

These people, however, are not the only ones affected. Breathing germs and other pollutants for an extended period of time can cause breathing problems even in healthy people. Indoor air quality is therefore essential to the overall health and sanitation of a home. Basically anyway, who wants to suffer from a sore throat, dry eyes, and a runny nose from dirty air ducts?

Good indoor air quality is not only limited to homes, but also to commercial spaces. Airborne allergens are a chore to deal with, and employees who acquire respiratory problems from dirty air ducts could easily sue a company for injury at work. Commercial spaces are more frequented, therefore more susceptible to dust, pollutants, aromas and odor build-up, requiring more comprehensive air duct cleaning services.

In light of this, duct cleaning will rid homes and businesses of pollen, dirt, pollution, and other allergens. While cleaning, mopping, and dusting help reduce these contaminants, they won’t solve the root of the problem. Along with professional duct cleaning services, such as Noble Air services, special equipment is used to clean the supply inlet and return ducts to remove odors and contaminants for better air quality. indoor air.

Cleaning air ducts improves indoor air quality, improves the efficiency of HVAC systems, reduces static pressure in ducts, and most importantly, keeps people safe and healthy!

About Noble Air

Noble Air has been in the air duct cleaning business for over 15 years. Founded in Houston, Texas, the company seeks to improve indoor air quality through regular duct cleaning services. They are also proficient in cleaning dryer vents, air purification systems, attic insulation, and repair and replacement of air ducts. Known for its high quality technicians at the most competitive prices, Noble Air remains today one of the industry leaders.

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