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NEW BUSINESS – Dawn Brown is the owner of Mz. Dawn’s first-class commercial cleaning service. Based in Wellsburg and Mingo Junction, the new company has served manufacturing facilities, offices, retail establishments and funeral homes, among others. – Warren Scott

WELLSBURG – The owner of a new commercial cleaning service said she takes a hands-on approach, often meeting with owners and managers of the variety of businesses she has served, to make sure they’re happy of the work done by her and her staff.

“I like to keep things clean. It’s a passion for me ”, said Dawn Brown of Mz. Dawn’s first-class commercial cleaning service.

Brown said that after working in residential cleaning for others for many years, she decided to start her own business focused on commercial cleaning.

It said that since opening earlier this year, it has provided cleaning services to utility factories, manufacturing facilities, offices, retail businesses, funeral homes, banks, churches and d ‘others in the tri-state area.

Brown said she has been trained, often for months, to perform cleaning in a variety of settings and that her business license includes endorsements for commercial / industrial janitorial services, medical cleaning, light maintenance, l landscaping and lawn maintenance.

She said that with the exception of electrostatic equipment used to disinfect against COVID-19, she has relied on daily household cleaners that business owners can be comfortable with.

Brown said good customer communication and attention to detail are the keys to success in the commercial cleaning industry. She added that she drew on her experience working in natural gas and oil, nursing homes and restaurants to serve companies in those fields.

Brown said she hand-screened each of her staff, all of whom were required to undergo drug testing, to find the most reliable workers to serve her clients.

Brown said that by working with her secretary, Wendy Greathouse, she hopes to add food trucks to her businesses.

She said the trucks could operate at community events or workplaces with large numbers of employees and potentially sell breakfast foods as well as other fares.

In recent months, Brown has used her Facebook page to promote what she calls a Kindness Matters giveaway. She explained each month that she hopes to help a local resident in need by providing one-time cleaning or other services.

Brown said the service, which should be no longer than two hours, is intended “just to make someone’s day better.”

She said she has experienced challenges in her own life and wants to help others, with a particularly open heart for victims of domestic violence.

For more information on Mz. Dawn’s First Class Commercial Cleanup, call (740) 275-7217.

(Scott can be contacted at [email protected])

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