New app helps landscapers stay busy

CLEVELAND — According to Gas Buddy, gasoline prices have almost doubled since last year. These higher prices have affected landscaping companies that rely on gas for transportation and to power their equipment.

What do you want to know

  • Gas prices have almost doubled this year according to Gas Buddy
  • Some landscapers have had to raise prices to cover the cost of gas, which can cost them customers
  • Northeast Ohio Landscaper Uses Green Pal App to Add New Clients

Jherel Wells is the owner of Wells & Son Landscaping.

“As you can see, everything here runs on gas,” he said, looking over the trailer full of gear.

Wells said he had only one option after soaring gas prices this year.

“What I had to do, I was forced to raise some of my prices for other customers,” Wells said.

The increase in its prices made it lose a handful of its customers.

“They’ll ask me why is there an increase and I’ll have to explain, way out of my head, that gas prices have gone up,” Wells said. “In order to stay in business and be able to provide good service, I’m going to have to deal with gas prices and raise mine.”

Wells said he found a way to fill that void and add new customers. Wells signed up for Green Pal, an app that lets customers order services online. Gene Caballero is one of the co-founders of the app and said he created it to help landscapers like Wells.

“We’ve been able to help thousands of landscaping companies across the United States, you know, maintain and grow their business,” Caballero said.

He said it’s the same concept as ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft but for lawn care, making it easier for homeowners who might not want to fill the lawnmower.

Caballero explained how to register.

“Enter the address of the property they want repaired and the day they want it done. offers are forwarded to the owner for review,” Caballero said.

With this app, Wells said he could bring in more customers to supplement those he’s lost, keeping him in the green.

“It’s been really helpful for me to kind of keep myself on a plateau and to increase a bit, so I’m still taking it in a positive direction,” he said.

To register for Green Pal, Click here.

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