Neighborhoods: North Seaford, DE, EMS 200/Medic 110 Station

This installation received the Satellite Notable Award at the 2021 Firehouse Station Design Awards. Find the full list of winners here.

The North Seaford EMS 200/ Medic 110 station is the sixth county-built EMS/medic station in Sussex County. The satellite station is a primary training station with high call volume. It is positioned for paramedic level response to Seaford and its surrounding communities.

The station was designed to blend in with the nearby rural community and is manned 24/7 by the Western District Supervisor and a two-person paramedic unit. The location of the station was determined using future predictions from GIS data to maximize paramedic coverage. Additionally, the site was selected for its easy access to US Highway 13, which is one of Sussex County’s main north-south arteries.

The building is serviced by continuous circular drive and walk-through device bays, which meet critical flow requirements for emergency vehicles while ensuring constant access to staff and visitor vehicles. The resort includes climate-controlled garage bays, ample secure storage, three workstations, and on-site laundry services. The interior of the station features a separate EMS supervisor office, adjoining bunk room, and ADA-compliant bathroom. The medical area contains a three-module office, separate male and female dormitories that double as exercise rooms, and a full bathroom.

Common areas include a large crew room with smart TV and large centrally located galley with natural lighted cupola and conference-style training table for education or small meetings. The plant is equipped with an automatic emergency generator powered by natural gas and centrally monitored.

Services include: centrally monitored/controlled front door access; a centrally monitored fire alarm system; a fire extinguishing sprinkler system; a road warning system controlled by Opticom; an 800 MHz radio system; and an Internet-based direct CAD station pre-alert audio and visual system.

Architect/Company name: George, Miles & Buhr

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