National park, the Medora Foundation struggles to find seasonal aid

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) — Summer in Medora draws visitors from North Dakota and beyond. It also brings in seasonal employees who choose to work in the city and the national park.

This year has been unlike most hires. Every summer, thousands of people travel to Medora and Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

The increased number of visitors necessitates the hiring of additional help, but this can be difficult to find.

“This year it’s been a little more difficult, we’ve had a little more difficulty recruiting staff,” said Maureen McGee-Ballinger, assistant superintendent.

Maureen McGee-Ballinger said they’ve hired about fifty percent of the seasonal workers they want for the summer.

The visitor center and maintenance services are the ones that need the most help.

“They work on the landscaping, they mow the lawn, they take care of the buildings, everything that people who enter the park see and experience has in one way or another been affected by the maintenance. “McGee-Ballinger said.

The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation says people in North Dakota are slower to take interest in filling their summer jobs.

Marketing director Kaelee Wallace added that she aims to reach 338 seasonal employees by mid-May. They currently have 241 signed up for a summer in Medora.

McGee-Ballinger says the biggest perk of the job is working in nature’s backyard.

“It’s a fabulous place to live and work, you’ve got Theodore Roosevelt National Park, there’s Medora, which has a long, wonderful history of exciting things happening all summer long,” McGee-Ballinger said.

The Medora Foundation offers free seasonal housing as an incentive to work a summer in Medora.

If you are interested in a position with the foundation, you can visit

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