NALP gathers attendees for a behind-the-scenes look at RP Marzilli

More than 200 attendees joined the Field Trip for a tour of the RP Marzilli campus in Medway, Mass. (Photo : ML Personal)

Most companies strive to create a strong company culture, but getting there is easier said than done.

Safe to say with a group full of passionate team members and projected revenue of $59 million in 2022 NALP Tour hostess, PR Marzilli cracked the code. RP Marzilli, run by Bob Marzilli and his wife Christine, came in at No. 45 on the 2022 ML150 list with over $54 million in sales and revenue growth of 39%.

Although his title is president, Bob Marzilli believes in stepping back to allow leaders to lead. He believes this change has allowed the company to improve by focusing more on cultural fit rather than a candidate’s experience during the company’s robust hiring process.

Over 200 guests visited RP Marzilli on June 23-24 in Medway, Mass. Hosted by Frank Mariani, CEO of Landscape Mariani and Marty Grunder, CEO of Landscaping Grunder Co. and The growth groupthe guests were able to experience the company’s activities up close.

Marty Grunder, Bill Greco, David Clemons, Brian Cormier, Bob Marzilli and Frank Mariani share the keys to success during a tour recap.  (The LM team)

Marty Grunder, Bill Greco, David Clemons, Brian Cormier, Bob Marzilli and Frank Mariani share the keys to RP Marzilli’s success during a site visit recap. (ML Personal)

Throughout the visit, visitors noticed the genuine pleasure RP Marzilli employees seemed to take in their work. During a recap of the site visit, Grunder echoed what many said was one of the highlights of the tour: “I was so impressed with the attitudes; everyone feels appreciated. You can’t pretend.

An impressive operation

Positive attitudes greeted attendees as they met the many faces that have helped the company grow. The company has implemented a series of ideas to ensure that morale remains high and a strong company culture remains present.

Marzilli said the team is always looking to improve the company culture with new ideas such as the recent addition of a company newsletter. The newsletter features an employee of the month, highlighting the important work of the highlighted team member.

Rusty Thompson and Chuck Baldwin of The Master's Lawn Care joined the trip to learn about possible service changes they could implement in their business based on RP Marzilli's business model.  (Photo: LM Staff)

Rusty Thompson and Chuck Baldwin of The Master’s Lawn Care said they joined the trip to learn more about possible service changes they could implement in their business based on what they saw at RP Marzilli. (Photo: ML Personal)

The company’s new facility includes spaces for employees to enjoy, including a garden where team members can grow their own plants year-round.

Visitor Rusty Thompson, President of The Master’s Lawn Carewas impressed with Marzilli’s commitment to investing in his team.

“We were looking at this food court, the bocce ball court, the picnic area, the weightlifting area out back — it all costs a ton of money,” Thompson said. “(Bob Marzilli) invests in his team in a way that I don’t think a lot of people do. It’s impressive.”

A customer-first approach

In addition to placing a strong emphasis on company culture and ensuring that team members remain passionate about their work, RP Marzilli also focuses on the needs of the client.

Team members presented on the different phases of projects and how the company’s streamlined operations have proven successful. However, there are still instances where a project does not go as planned. At that moment, Marzilli shared one of his mantras with the group.

“They never remember how you start, they remember how you end.” said Marzilli.

Lisa Fiore (jacket, center) and LandscapeHub team members were on hand for the Field Trip looking for new ideas that could be used in their business.  (Photo: LM Staff)

Lisa Fiore (in vest, center) and members of the LandscapeHub team were on hand for the field trip to seek out new ideas. (Photo: ML Personal)

He went on to explain how some jobs will always have their challenges. Whether it’s a dissatisfied customer, deadline complications, or the current supply chain and staffing shortage issues, the goal will always be to complete the job with a satisfied customer.

Participant Lisa Fiore, CEO of LandscapeHubtook note of this level of professionalism and attention.

“That idea of ​​’just say yes and we’ll find out’ was something that was consistent with everyone we spoke to,” Fiore said. “It was very impressive that it was just in their DNA. It was really part of their customer-centric culture, and that cultural alignment allows that to be a winning and successful formula.

The “just say yes” approach is a winning formula at Marzilli, represented by the company’s strong revenues. It’s not just about “saying yes and going for it,” said the company’s vice president of operations, Rick Wing. The company gives its employees a roadmap to success.

Wing said the company has never missed a deadline, even when it was close. This, he said, is because employees know the company’s roadmap inside out and the strong relationships the team has developed at all levels, internal and external.

“Our whole business is about relationships,” Wing said, “If you want to be here, you have to be involved.”

Don Winsett, Vice President of National Business Development at The Davey Tree Expert Co.said he noticed how the company turns long-term and short-term employees into great leaders.

“I really like how they’ve infused youth into their management team,” Winsett explained. “It shows me how they are working to nurture the future leaders of the company.”

Marzilli has learned along the way that giving others within the business the opportunity to lead will not only benefit the owner, but the entire business.

One last thank you

At the end of the tour, Bob Marzilli stopped to thank everyone involved.  (Photo: LM Staff)

After the tour, Bob Marzilli stopped to thank everyone present. (Photo: ML Personal)

After the tour, a round table with Grunder, Mariani, Marzilli and some members of the company shared some takeaways with visitors. Marzilli thanked everyone involved and offered one final key piece of advice.

He explained how he focuses on company culture and valuing the key role his team plays in the success of the company. He urged attendees to always thank their team and recognize those who play an important role in the company’s success.

“I couldn’t have done it alone. I couldn’t have done it without the people who work for me,” Marzilli said. “The most important thing I can tell you is to recognize your people. Let’s celebrate the people who work for us.

He closed the day with a final thank you, mentioning how humbling the experience was. As Marty Grunder said of RP Marzilli’s culture, “You can’t fake it.”

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