Men in black: return of night owls to Cambridge


A night climber watches the Market Square Sophie McDonald

Bizarre new footage shows hooded men, clad head to toe in black, scaling the rooftops of Market Square and the Faculty of History.

Mysterious photos obtained by University led some to speculate that there might be a new secret society on the university scene.

An eyewitness made a comparison to the Life and Death Squad on Gilmore Girls.

“I was wondering if the Pitt Club had adopted any new costumes,” she said. University.

Some even celebrated these hooded climbers for defying sartorial orthodoxy at the Sidgwick site, a trail for many of Cambridge’s finest humanities students.

Neither climber was seen carrying a tote bag or hugging their worn-out copy of De Beauvoir’s The Second Sex warmly.

A visibly shocked Sidge resident said University: “They just appeared out of nowhere. I was so excited – it’s just so ‘unsidg!’ They were wearing hoodies – finally someone brave enough to defy crocs and corduroys.

“They started sliding down the roof glass and my heart stopped, I was just imagining one of them falling through. There were four of them walking past the front library, and two were climbing the building.

Figures dressed in black were also seen climbing the SeeleyUniversity

Seeley isn’t the only rooftop night owls have been seen on.

University also obtained photographs of the hooded group on the rooftops around the Market Square.

An eyewitness said University: “Coming back from ITSU, a group of silhouettes caught our attention on the roof of Franco Manca. Joking about chimney sweeps in Mary Poppins, we approached to get a better look.

“A guy in a black hoodie and a bandana sat with his legs dangling over the gutter. He responded to my wave with two peace signs.

Sightings were also reportedly reported on the roof of Gonville & Caius as well as the Senate.

An unsuspecting eyewitness said University“While I was in Caius, I saw a flash of movement at the top floor window. Being as tall as it was, it didn’t occur to me that it was a person until the porters came into the room and asked if we had seen where the figure was. had fled.

It’s not the first time Cambridge’s iconic skyline has been disrupted by mischievous and mysterious characters.

Night climbing has a long history in the city, with a 1937 book, The Night Climbers of Cambridge, explaining how best to scale Cambridge’s ancient rooftops and iconic spiers.

Since then, nimble pranksters have vexed college porters with their antics, which range from putting Santa hats on statues in St John’s College chapel last year, to dropping off a small van of delivery to the roof of the Senate in 1958.

However, it is less common for night climbers to be seen outdoors, with the secret group preferring the cover of darkness – as their name suggests.

University I can’t say why the group broke cover now – or what they planned next – but with the climbers conspicuously absent from the Freshers’ Fair, they may have just been trying to drum up interest in the whimsical intrusions. among the new cohort of Cambridge students.

After all, targeting the history faculty would suggest that they are looking for students with free time.

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