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A concept replacement for the 1965 single storey addition.

The Beaumont Public Library received a $4,848,750 grant from the State Library’s Building Forward Infrastructure Program to apply to its planned renovation and construction project, which has an estimated total cost of $28.8 million. of dollars.

It needs to raise an additional $24 million, including $2.4 million in matching funds required for the state grant.

The M de Beaumont measure, in the November election, would raise $24 million through bonds.

The planned renovation would demolish and replace the outdated 1965 one-story extension that includes the current library entrance, as well as administrative offices and bookshelves, to make way for a taller, more contemporary two-story addition that would include enhanced children’s collections. , play areas, a center dedicated to teenagers, a “maker’s area”, a café and a selling kitchen, a bookstore for library friends, group study rooms, a local history area and a quiet reading room.

Measure M

This entrance built in 1965 will be demolished to make way for a two-storey replacement.

A makerspace would house everything from 3D printers and laminators, to sewing machines and other production equipment.

The library would also receive a new elevator and a central staircase.

According to information available online at, the current toilets in the library are old and limited in size; there are no fire sprinkler systems or security cameras to provide security; and electrical and technological systems are outdated and inefficient.

The California reform calls for a ‘no’ vote against Measure M, calling it a ‘massive tax increase on city residents through a bond’ that ‘is used to replace efficiency improvements with current resources. A NO vote blocks that link and saves taxpayers millions.

However, library superintendent Luren Dickenson points out that the 11,700-square-foot library, which was built in 1914 and remains the last Carnegie library still in use in Riverside County, serves a population that has grown 10-fold. since its expansion in 1965. At that time the library was built to serve a population of 6,000 people, whereas today Beaumont’s population is on track to reach 60,000. The new facility would be 31 000 square feet.

Additionally, as the area has grown and property tax sources have been reduced over the past 30 years, the library has never received an impact fee that has benefited other municipalities that serve the public.

The California State Library System sees value in revamping Beaumont’s library, as Beaumont was one of 234 recipients statewide to receive a grant, and Beaumont’s share was the 20th-most great distribution granted, according to Dickenson.

Measure M

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Conceptual rendering of the proposed expansion of the Beaumont Public Library, which would retain the original portion of the library built in 1914.

“We need a better HVAC system, more security ‘via camera systems’ and earthquake retrofits and ‘preservation of the original 1914 two-story structure’ that defines library architecture,” said Dickenson.

Library services are expected to relocate during construction. Dickenson says he doesn’t know where it will be, but a solution will need to be found as soon as the state grant money is to be used by March 2026, which means the library would have to innovate from by fall 2024 in the hope that construction can be completed within 18 months.

If bonds are passed, they would provide the Library District, which encompasses a 60-square-mile service area that includes Beaumont and Cherry Valley, with a combined $28.8 million to work with, and raise property taxes by $9.70 per $100,000 per annual appraisal, or about 80 cents per month for the average homeowner.

Brian Sylva, former Beaumont School Board member and current elected Mt. San Jacinto College District Zone 1 Trustee, is chair of the Yes on Measure M for Beaumont Library campaign, expressed his pride at being asked to lead the measurement.

“My family benefits from what the library offers to our community,” says Sylva. “My 5-year-old twin daughters frequently attend several Beaumont Library District events each month and are thrilled to see staff like Ms. Kelly, Ms. Jasmine and Ms. B at each visit.”

And while he feels the library has adapted well to changes in the community, “My family sees the need for this measure of obligation in our growing community and is excited to see what the library has in store for future residents of Beaumont.”

The measure was endorsed by the likes of Mickey Valdivia, vice president of the San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency and county supervisor representative Jeff Hewitt.

“It is with immense enthusiasm that I support Measure M in bringing much-needed upgrades, expansions and technology to our historic Carnegi library,” says Valdivia. “Please join me in voting yes on Measure M.”

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