Mattex supports friends without an address with the “Feel the difference and make the difference” campaign

Champaign, IL (WCIA)

Mattex is the local leader in an industry focused on ensuring everyone in Champaign County has a safe and warm home, even on the coldest winter nights. But for thousands of individuals in central Illinois who don’t have a home, a warm place to rest at night is entirely dependent on local organizations that provide vital housing resources. That’s why the Mattex team is proud to be a commercial sponsor of CU at Home’s “One Winter Night” fundraiser.

Mattex provides heating, cooling, plumbing, sewer and electrical services throughout central Illinois for businesses and residential properties.

Mattex is not only a provider of HVAC, plumbing, sewer and electrical services, we serve our local community. We strive to solve the problems of those around us while ensuring a safe and comfortable home for everyone we meet.

We’re partnering with CU at Home on our “Feel the Difference and Make a Difference” campaign to generate community support for their One Winter Night fundraiser.

We are proactive in serving our entire community with resources for heating, plumbing, sewer and electricity. We base our business on providing exceptional service to everyone we meet, ensuring that everyone has a comfortable place to rest their head. We exist to serve.

We’re partnering with CU at Home for their One Winter Night fundraiser on Friday February 4th. At Mattex, our motto is to “feel the difference” with a home serviced by Mattex. We invite clients to “feel the difference” while “making a difference” by helping to provide a loving home for the most vulnerable in our local community.

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