Marlboro, NJ Officer tracks attempted car burglary suspects

It’s the story of a locked vehicle and an alert owner who helped police track down suspects who attempted to commit a burglary.

It was a locked vehicle and alert owner in Marlboro who foiled a potential vehicle break-in.

Marlboro police said they received a call around 2:30 a.m. on Jan. 27 from an owner who told them that two men, dressed in black, were in his driveway trying to get into his vehicle.

The men were unable to enter the vehicle as it was locked and stopped before breaking the window or picking the lock.

They then jumped into a black SUV and took off from the area.

The caller was able to provide police with enough detail about the suspects and the vehicle they were driving that patrolman Adam Levine was able to spot them in a nearby development and drive at a slow speed.

Patrolman Levine spoke with the caller and then with the occupants of the vehicle and as a result of this on-site investigation, three arrests were made: Omar Hairston, 49, of Newark, Jaquan Anderson, 21, of Newark, and a 17-year-old juvenile.

The adults and the minor were then taken to Marlboro Police Headquarters for processing, and the vehicle they were driving was seized.

Hairston and Anderson were later charged with attempted burglary and taken to Monmouth County Correctional Facility, while the minor was released into the custody of his father, pending a juvenile complaint.

“The Marlboro Township Police Department would like to thank the owner for their prompt action in calling 911 and providing an accurate description of the suspects and the vehicle.

Chief Peter Pezzullo would also like to remind everyone to keep their vehicles locked, remove key fobs and other valuables, including garage door openers, from vehicles and, where possible, keep cars in the garage. »

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