Many Triangle lawn care companies have to turn down business due to lack of workers

RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) — As spring and summer approach, many across the Triangle are looking forward to sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the outdoors from their porches.

However, with the high demand for a few lawn care services, some people may see a not-so-great yard for a few months.

Many lawn care services cannot keep up with the high demand, with some already booked for the whole of summer 2022.

One of the main reasons for this is the lack of personnel. CBS 17 called at least 15 lawn care companies Thursday and at least two said they had to work longer hours to get the job done.

Landscaping just my style was another business we contacted who said in a voicemail that they were “booked through summer 2022 and cannot accept new customers until August”.

Landscaping is essential to our communities and essential to our economy.

David Harris is the owner of DH home services which has been in operation since 2019. Harris said while they are not fully booked yet, they are currently booked for the next month or two for a few of their services.

“We just came out of COVID, so of course people were sitting at home for a while, like you said, checking their classes and saying ‘I need this or that,'” Harris said. “We work around 12 hour days and have to work weekends just to keep up with demand.”

He said the business only consisted of him and two other people, but if demand was high he would look to hire more workers.

“If demand stays as it is, we’ll have to hire someone just to track everything,” Harris said.

However, Terry Williams with Swurvacuts says it all depends on the workforce for his business.

“It’s a bit difficult to keep track of all the clientele and clients I already have, and then with new clients calling to try and get in, it’s a bit difficult to grab them,” Williams said.

He said until he gets more workers, they will have to keep refusing new services.

“We have a few guys helping us, but a lot of other guys just don’t want to work. New people calling we have to turn them down because we don’t have enough guys to do the job. And I don’t want to take on more jobs than I can handle,” Williams said.

Harris and Williams said that now, although gas prices are falling, they still need to increase the cost of their services by at least 10-18% due to inflation.

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