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Local police have arrested scores of people since devastating flooding hit Perry County on charges related to the alleged looting of property from flood victims.

Among these was an employee of a local organization that works with people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, who was allegedly involved in looting with customers.

According to an arrest citation, on August 3, Perry County Sheriff’s Deputy Paul Campbell was patrolling for suspected looters in the Squabble Creek area of ​​Buckhorn when he saw a vehicle driven by Tyler White , 23, of Garden Path, Hazard, parked against the creek near a recently flooded residential area.

Additionally, Campbell wrote, he saw two individuals, later identified as clients of White’s employer – Mending Hearts – carrying metal objects and placing them in the tailgate of the same vehicle.

White, according to the quote, told Campbell that they “eliminate” items so they can make money. The items, according to the citation, belonged to flood victims.

White, according to the citation, told the deputy that his clients in his care told him to bring them to the location so they could pick up items and earn money.

A third customer, Campbell wrote, was sitting in the front passenger seat, having a possible diabetic emergency.

Campbell wrote that he contacted emergency medical services and a second assistant met them halfway so the client wouldn’t go into diabetic shock without medical personnel nearby.

The two patrons removing items from the creek, one of whom was a miner, were at risk of injury from sharp objects along the banks and could have drowned due to the speed and depth of the creek because they “were not responsibly supervised,” Campbell wrote.

White, according to the citation, admitted the clients were in his custody. The looted items were removed from the vehicle and the vehicle was subsequently seized, Campbell wrote.

Social Services and Adult Protective Services were contacted and custody of two of the clients was swapped. The third client, Campbell wrote, was transported to Hazard ARH for treatment.

White was incarcerated at the Kentucky River Regional Jail for second-degree robbery and wanton endangerment.

Others arrested in connection with allegations of looting include:

• Sandra Kaye Neace, 47, of Cockrell Fork Road, Lost Creek, Timothy Neace, 49, of Lost Creek Road, Rowdy, and Jennifer Smith, 41, of Higgins Street, Corbin, who were arrested by Campbell in Lower Lost Creek while flooding was still occurring on July 28. All three were arrested for receiving stolen property, while Sandra Neace was also charged with first degree possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine)

• Jamie Gibson, 44, of Teepee Lane, Bulan, who was arrested on August 1 in Bulan by Perry County Sheriff’s Deputy Jimmy Perkins for theft, possession of marijuana and third degree possession of a controlled substance (unspecified).

• Melinda Gail Jent, 42, of White Oak Church Road, Morristown, Tennessee, and Burchel Combs, 52, of Georges Branch Road, Vicco, who were arrested in Bulan on August 1 for theft by the Sheriff’s Deputy of Perry County Christian Stidham after being found in possession of a garage door from a flood-damaged residence.

• George Fugate, 38, of North Main, Hazard, and Robert Shelton, 47, of Neds Rough Road, Fisty, who were arrested in the Pigeonroost Road area of ​​Bulan on August 7 by Perkins after being found in possession of a plundered saddle. Fugate was charged with theft, first degree possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine), possession of drug paraphernalia and a trafficking charge. Shelton was charged with theft, second degree possession of a controlled substance, first degree possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine), possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance that is not in an appropriate container and traffic charges.

• Herbert Allen, 47, of Hazes Branch, Lost Creek, and Eric Browning, 40, address not available, who were arrested by Perkins on August 8 after being found in Hazard with items looted from Lost Creek in the county of Breathitt. Allen was charged with providing an officer with false identification information, possession of marijuana, third degree possession of a controlled substance and receiving stolen property. Browning was charged with receiving stolen property.

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