ManageMowed Landscape Lawn Company Relocates to Katy

ManageMowed, a commercial landscape company, announced a new deal to Katy, according to a July 6 press release.

The landscaping company provides a solution to commercial landscaping by managing customer relationships and a network of local owner-operator landscaping vendors to maintain properties and commercial facilities, according to the ‘company.

It offers landscape maintenance, including maintenance of lawns, flowerbeds, shrubs and trees; site inspections and assessments; and property improvements such as storm cleanup, irrigation maintenance, fertilization, and snow removal.

Katy’s site will be owned by Jeff Johnson, an entrepreneur with more than 42 years of experience working with software and services companies, the press release said. The location will serve Katy, Cinco Ranch and Park Row properties beginning in late July.

“I look forward to using my experience in service delivery, business development and relationship management to provide business owners and property managers with professional, streamlined legal care,” Johnson said.

ManageMowed is focused on improving the safety, security and preservation of its customers’ assets, the press release states. The company is designed to streamline services for commercial property and facility managers such as self-storage companies, gas stations, hotels and shopping complexes.

“We are excited to expand our presence in Houston and serve the Katy community with our strong business model,” said Peter Roberts, co-founder of ManageMowed. “This is an important milestone for us as we continue to grow the ManageMowed brand into new markets and move closer to our goal of expanding across the country.”

ManageTondé has businesses in California, Colorado, Oregon, Texas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Missouri and Washington. The company hopes to expand into 31 new territories by the end of 2022.

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