man Helena accused of burglary and assault |

A 49-year-old Helena man is accused of assaulting law enforcement as they were evicting him from a house he had been evicted from.

Jason Blaine Thornock is charged with Break and Enter, Assault a Peace Officer, Resisting Arrest and Obstructing a Peace Officer.

On November 5, law enforcement responded to a trespassing complaint. The victim told MPs that she had allowed the accused to live in her house since September, but did not pay rent or trade services for accommodation. The victim said she gave him until the end of October to leave, but the accused refused.

After trying to reach the defendant by phone, deputies knocked on the door of the residence and received no response. The deputies continued knocking and saw the accused come to the door, but he did not open it and walked away.

The victim allowed the deputies to enter the residence and provided the code for the electronic lock, but the lock had been disconnected. The victim told MPs that his garage door was no longer working either. The victim had arranged for a locksmith to come to the house while the deputies were there.

The accused returned to the front door but refused to open it. He was told he was under arrest, but refused to comply.

The locksmith made a key to unlock the door, and the deputies entered and attempted to arrest the accused. The accused allegedly retaliated against deputies and tried to strangle one of them during the fight.

After the arrests, the deputies searched the room and found the dismantled mechanisms of the garage and the electronic lock.

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