Magical route in the footsteps of Mary Poppins

The places that until now we have always observed through a screen are more real and magical than ever because they are the same in which his events, ours, took place. Mary poppins. The friend of chimney sweeps and penguins, the one with the carpet bag, the same one capable of making everyone smile only with a little sugar.

And with this same bag on one side and the umbrella on the other, and the nose rigorously turned upwards, we can trace symbolic places of what has become a cult of several generations, between reality and fantasy. After all, we have a lot of material for daydreaming. From books written by Australian Pamela Lyndon Travers to new and old films.

These films, first with the wonderful Julie Andrews and then, again, with Emily Blunt in Mary Poppins Returns, have made real all those atmospheres which previously belonged above all to our imagination. And then it is enough to trace these places, to relive them the adventures of mary poppins and the Banks family in London more magical than ever.

St Paul’s Cathedral in London

Our itinerary begins in the presence ofthe iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral, the very one that served as the backdrop for the first and second films. The magical nanny has also dedicated a song to this baroque building, which Mary Poppins holds in her hands encased in a snow globe.

However, we won’t find the iconic Cherry Tree Lane where the Banks house was located in the film – built ad hoc in the studios – but there are many houses in the heart of London that remember it. If, on the other hand, you want to touch the magical universe that gave birth to a legend, you will have to go to Chelsea at 50 Smith Street, this is where you can find what was once the home of the author of the Mary Poppins books.

In this route you cannot miss a vision 360 degrees of London skyline. In our case there will be no chimney sweep to accompany us, but it is possible to be influenced by the silhouette of the city by climbing to the top of the Golden Gallery.

If, on the other hand, you want to enjoy a manhunt, and more precisely the chimney sweep Bert who paints, you can go to the Regent Park which inspired the iconic scene of the film. The magic then continues to South Rim Center where you can ride the Victorian carousel horse that we saw in the 1964 film. In this case, if you wish, it is advisable to close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the imagination.

South Bank of the Thames

South Rim Center

The last place to reach, to complete our magical itinerary, takes us directly to the residential and quiet area Hampstead area. Here we can find the building that inspired theat the admiral’s.

Don’t forget to stop at Leicester Square, home to the Odeon, one of the city’s most famous cinemas. Right in front of the building, in fact, there is a statue of the iconic Mary Poppins.

Odeon Leicester Square London

Statue of Mary Poppins, Odeon Leicester Square London


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