Madison Area Crime Stoppers Warns About Porch Hackers, Auto Theft

MADISON, Wisconsin – Madison Area Crime Stoppers are asking residents to watch out for porch hackers and car thieves this holiday season.

The group expects a record number of door-to-door gift deliveries this year, which also means a record number of porch pirates.

“These adventurous thieves feast on crimes of expediency and convenience,” Crime Stoppers spokesperson Tyler Grigg said on Sunday, “often finding their biggest bounty in apartment complexes and vulnerable porches.” .

Here are some tips to avoid the theft of packages:

– Store packages at a local transport facility and collect them yourself

-Use services such as “Ship to Store” or “Locker” from Amazon

-Request that the packages have a signature confirmation for delivery

-Requires carriers to place packages out of sight

– Have parcels sent to your workplace

-Plan deliveries for the hours you are at home

Crime Stoppers also gave some tips for avoiding auto theft this holiday season:

Always lock your vehicle

-Keep your garage door closed

-Keep the doors between the garage and the house closed

-Do not leave keys, garage door openers or other valuables in your vehicle

-Do not leave cars and trucks driving unattended

According to Crime Stoppers, one in five Americans had a package stolen in the first four months of the pandemic.

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