London News: Chimney sweep father and son ‘planted dead pigeons’ to speed up work | United Kingdom | New

Martin Price, 59, and his son Luke, 33, are accused of “grossly overcharging” their clients and leaving work unfinished. The couple appeared in City of London Magistrates’ Court.

They are both charged with conspiracy to defraud customers who have requested chimney sweeping services.

The charges relate to their activity between July 2017 and April 2019.

This comes after they were confronted with the BBC’s “Watchdog Rogue Traders”.

The BBC reports that Luke “has a habit of showing up in people’s homes with dead birds claiming to have found them in their chimneys.”

They caught the duo “planting a dead pigeon” before charging “exorbitant” prices to install chimney hoods, preventing birds from nesting, which was not even necessary.

The job they were called and paid to do – sweeping the chimney – has not been finished.

Luke admitted to the broadcaster that he planted dead birds and made customers pay for chimney hoods.

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The charge against Luke states that he “conspired with Martin Price to defraud those who had booked chimney sweeping services, including charging for the removal of dead birds and bird nests that had been planted in chimneys. of their properties ”.

He adds that the couple conspired in the act of “charging for other substantial but unnecessary work, charging for work that was not completed and grossly overcharging work that was allegedly completed.”

Luke faces two charges of aiding and abetting fraudulent transactions.

He also faces a charge of participation in fraudulent activities carried out by an individual entrepreneur.

His father, Martin, is also charged with fraudulent misrepresentation.

In addition to this, he is accused of fraud by misrepresenting an actress working at the BBC.

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