Local News: Dexter Alderman Council Approves Use of UTVs on City Streets (1/4/22)

It is now official. Dexter’s council of aldermen approved the use of UTVs (utility vehicles) on the streets of Dexter on Monday evening by a 4-1 vote. Alderman Tim Aslin expressed the only no and Alderman Frank Killian was unable to attend the meeting.

?? I want to clarify my vote no on the UTV ordinance. It was solely on the issue of safety based on a written statement from a group of the largest manufacturers, including Polaris and Can-Am, who urged cities and counties not to allow UTVs on the streets of the city ​​and county paved roads, ?? Aslin said after the meeting. Essentially, they said that a disproportionate number of serious accidents and fatalities occur on paved roads compared to the off-road for which the vehicles were designed.

At the December meeting, the city heard from the public and those in attendance were largely in favor of the ordinance. Yewell City Attorney ?? Bud ?? Lawrence presented the ordinance to the board at the January meeting.

The ordinance takes effect February 1 and defines a UTV as any motorized vehicle manufactured and used exclusively for off-road use, which measures more than 50 but not more than 67 inches wide. The definition also states that the vehicle has an unladen weight of 2,000 pounds or less, travels on four or six wheels, and is used primarily for landscaping, maintenance, lawn or maintenance.

UTVs will be permitted on city streets with the exception of One Mile Road, Brown Pilot Lane, Central Drive, Grant Street between Park Lane and Two Mile Road, and they are also not permitted on State or Federal highways. . UTVs may cross said highways where the speed limit is 45 miles per hour or less. It should be noted that Business 60 is classified as a national road, which means UTVs cannot be used on Business 60.

The ordinance contains several requirements to operate a UTV at Dexter. These include being owned and operated by a government entity for official use. A UTV used for agricultural or other purposes may be used between official sunrise and sunset on the day of operation, unless it is equipped with two working brake lights and two working headlights visible at 500 feet and 100 feet, respectively.

UTV operated by the vehicle owner must hold a permit obtained from the city clerk at a cost of $ 50. The license is not transferable and must be renewed each year from July 1 to July 30. A sticker must be affixed to the right rear fender as proof of license. A duplicate license costs $ 5.

Individuals applying for a license must be 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license and current paid property tax receipts from the city and county containing the UTV. A liability waiver approved by the city attorney must accompany each UTV license application to the City of Dexter.

The ordinance states that no one may operate a UTV in any waterway or river in the town of Dexter, except in waterways that flow entirely within the boundaries of real estate owned or leased by the operator, or on which the operator has written authorization to operate. No off-road operations will be permitted on City owned land.

No one may operate a UTV in a negligent manner so as to endanger the person or property of others, under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance or in a manner which disturbs the public peace.

All UTV operators must have a valid Missouri Class F driver’s license, except under Missouri law, and a valid insurance ID for said vehicle. No one can operate a UTV over the posted speed limit or over 30 miles per hour, whichever is less.

Anyone operating a UTV on public roads in the town of Dexter is subject to all of the obligations applicable to the driver of a motor vehicle. All UTVs must be fitted with an orange safety triangle of at least 30 square inches in shape and constructed of substantial material with a fluorescent orange-yellow finish and reflective red border.

UTVs must be equipped with working turn signals, seat belts for each passenger and working brakes and only carry the number of passengers the vehicle is designed to carry.

The ordinance also defines how children can get into a UTV. Children under the age of four and weighing less than 40 pounds should wear an appropriate child safety seat. Children four to seven years of age who weigh 40 pounds or more should be accommodated in an appropriate child safety seat or booster seat, unless they are 4 feet 9 inches tall. Children eight years of age and older or weighing at least 80 pounds or 4 feet 9 inches must be secured with a seat belt or an appropriate booster seat.

Other business

The board passed a second ordinance authorizing Mayor Jason Banken to execute a deal titled “? Missouri Department of Economic Development Community Block Grants Program. ? The city received a block grant in the amount of $ 119,504 with matching funds from the city of $ 2,500. This grant will cover the cost of damage suffered by tornado EF2 last summer.

The board accepted an offer from Rick Shipman Construction to replace the roof of the Keller Public Library. The current tiled roof exceeds the weight the structure is designed to support and has started to leak. The building was constructed largely through monetary donations to the city of the late Bud Keller, and Keller requested the current roof. The tiles will be replaced with Landmark Pro shingles at a cost of $ 104,040.

The city received another grant in the amount of $ 1,440,313. This will fund the installation of a UV system for the city’s wastewater treatment and other necessary repairs.

Superintendent of Water and Wastewater, Tom Espey, announced his retirement after more than 40 years of service to the city and over 30 as Superintendent of Water and Wastewater. Espey’s retirement is effective January 27. City administrator Trevor Pulley thanked Espey for his years of service to the city and, out of respect for Espey, declined to appoint a new superintendent while Espey was still in office. A reception for Espey will take place at the Town Hall on January 27 from 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

In a final case, Mayor Jason Banken requested the hiring of Tyler Gregory in the wastewater department. The board approved the appointment.

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