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GreenPal, a Nashville-based app that connects homeowners with local and approved lawn care professionals, has expanded to Avondale.

“GreenPal can best be described as Uber for lawn care,” said Gene Caballero, co-founder of GreenPal. “After a successful launch in 250 other markets, we are excited to help Avondale owners find reliable, safe and local lawn care products. “

Homeowners can list their lawns with their maintenance date and maintenance needs. Lawn care professionals bid on their properties based on Google’s street and aerial imagery and any other lawn details provided by the owner. Owners can then select who they want to work with based on the supplier’s ratings, reviews, and price.

Once a supplier has completed the service, the lawn care professional will send a time-stamped photo of the completed job. The owners pay and make an appointment via the app.

“On the owner’s side, it’s mostly practical,” Caballero said.

“In the height of the landscaping season, a homeowner might call 10 landscaping professionals and they’re likely going to get 10 voicemail messages, and how does that homeowner hold this supplier accountable?” Our platform makes it easy. You can see the ratings, reviews of suppliers; you can see their reliability rating. All of this accountability and convenience on the owner’s side is something that isn’t there.

While he said the app makes it easier to find reliable landscaping services, he admitted that the app primarily benefits vendors looking for an outlet to promote their business.

“Not only do we manage the creation of supplier demand, but we also take care of the planning, payment processing and route optimization,” he said. “So basically anyone looking to grow their landscaping business can jump on a GreenPal. It is free for sellers to bid on the properties. It’s really not bad, no fault on their side for joining something like this.

GreenPal operates in Atlanta, Chicago, St. Petersburg, Atlanta, Charlotte, Tampa, Houston, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Phoenix, San Jose, Orlando, Sacramento, New Orleans, Louisville, Miami, Cincinnati , Columbus, Cleveland, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Denver, Baltimore, Detroit and St. Louis.

A long-time landscaper, Caballero landed a job in technology after graduating from college.

“I was aware of new technologies like Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb, so I knew that if someone summoned a stranger to come and pick him up or allow a stranger to stay in his house, at some point he would do the same with lawn care, ”he said.

“Having developed a landscaping business, I know how difficult it is; and if I had had a tool like this to help me grow I would have gone all out, and so we kind of designed it from a seller’s point of view, like where can we facilitate them life ? Where can we improve his life? Where can we make him more money? We knew there were millions of landscaping professionals who could use a product like ours, and that’s kind of how we approached it, how we built it and how we built it. ‘drove.

As the pandemic is still looming and social distancing is a common priority, GreenPal is keeping users safe by allowing vendors to bid on lawns without having to visit the property and speak face to face with the owner.

Historically, this industry has been a cash business. GreenPal eliminates the need to come together for payment and use cash which has been scientifically proven to spread not only germs but COVID-19 as well.

According to Caballero, more than 30% of GreenPal customers are over the age of 60, a demographic most likely to contract and become fatally ill with COVID-19.

“To be 100% contactless, we were just thankful that we could protect as many people as possible,” Caballero said.

With over a million homeowners registered and using GreenPal and over 25,000 landscaping professionals operating their businesses on GreenPal, Caballero said he was excited about the app’s success in Avondale and its expansion. to other West Valley towns in the future.

“With GreenPal, what you see is what you get. It’s free for owners to sign up and get deals. If they are rated $ 50, they pay $ 50. With Uber Eats or something like that, you are charged shipping or other extra fees, but with us there is no convenience fee or anything added to others. quote, ”he said.

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