Lawn care expert says it’s not too late to winterize your garden –


As we go through the last fortnight of October, we are reminded that there is still time to prepare the lawn for winter.

Shane Warkentin of Best Way Lawn Care and Landscaping says it’s a good idea to lower the mower blade for the final cut of the year.

“Cut it a little shorter to avoid damage from voles and mice,” he says.

Longer grass and heavy leaf cover can encourage rodents to nest and damage the lawn.

Does this mean a thorough raking before snow flies? Not necessarily, he says.

“We run a mower over it and suck up the leaves, clean them up,” Warkentin explains. He adds that some leaves on the lawn won’t kill the grass.

“Do what you can and leave the rest,” he says.

Although the temperatures are now dropping below zero, Warkentin says it’s not too cold for the final yard work.

“When we go out with the teams in the morning, we prefer to wait until the lawn is completely frozen over before we start mowing the grass,” he says. “We’ve never seen any damage from cutting in cold weather. We have in the past, we’ve actually cut a little frost, and I’ve never noticed any damage from it. It may not be a good idea.

Temperatures can be expected to remain above zero over the weekend with double-digit highs.

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