LASD will put the building of the Pere Marquette school back up for sale | News

The Ludington School Board has approved a resolution to relist the former property of the Pere Marquette Early Years Center located at 1107 S. Madison St. in Ludington.

The property consists of approximately 0.96 acres containing a one-story brick building with 14,346 square feet. The building was appraised at $100,000 in May 2020 by Northern Michigan Real Estate Consultants.

Superintendent Kyle Corlett said at Monday’s regular board meeting that the district is selling the building for $100,000.

The building was originally sold to FiveCAP, but the sale fell through and is being put back on the market.

The board also approved expanding its programming through Mason County Family Link, which provides a school counselor and a community resource worker, both of whom support struggling families. The cost of renewing the annual agreement is $20,000.

The council approved the purchase of new lawn care equipment not to exceed $50,000 for the landscaping of the district property. The new equipment will cost around $43,000, according to Corlett.

The board also approved spending $75,234 to replace obsolete copiers in district schools. Corlett said there was money in the district’s 2019 construction bond to pay the copiers. Now that the elementary schools have regrouped, “it’s time to do some shopping,” he said.

The board approved six new recruits: Haley Stakenas, Susan Moffatt and Paul Wonnacott as Ludington Elementary School Assistants; Jason Burns as a golf coach; Chazz Rohrer as a junior varsity track coach; and Steve Forsberg as an esports trainer.

Several retirements are also on the agenda. Elementary helpers Annette Espinoza and Julie Richards, as well as high school teachers Jim Klug and Heidi Urka are all set to retire this year. Apart from Richards, who retires on March 24, the others will take effect in June.

The resignations of two aides and three restaurant workers will also be considered.

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