Landscaping in progress along US 11 at Chilhowie | Latest titles

Aaron Lundy, left, of Lundy’s Lawn Care & Precision Curbing in Chilhowie, helps some of his workers on the tree and shrub planting project in town.

Linda Burchette / Smyth County News & Messenger

Linda Burchette | Smyth County News and Messenger

A project to plant trees and shrubs along Highway 11 in Chilhowie kicked off this month with weather conditions closer to early spring than late fall.

Lundy’s Lawn Care & Precision Curbing in Chilhowie, contractor for the city’s streetscape project, took advantage of the unusually warm weather to begin the planting process. However, the company also planted trees in much colder weather, said Aaron Lundy, owner of the company.

Lundy said planting can take place at any time of the year as long as the ground is not frozen.

The city has planted a variety of trees, shrubs and grasses along the road for beautification.

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Nathaniel Brown of Barrington Landscape Architecture of Lebanon provided city council with blueprints for the project and suggestions on what types of plants would work best.

City manager John Clark said in his report to council earlier this month that the project would involve eight-foot trees that include 10 red buds, 28 flowering dogwoods, 54 winter hawthorns plus 29 hydrangeas and 210 Shenandoah switching herbs.

The most intense planting will be around Town Hall with trees and grasses going north along Route 11 past Chilhowie Baptist Church, Will Walker Farmers Market, Lucas Dowell Memorial Park , Chilhowie Bank and Chilhowie Baptist Church Ministry Center.

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