Landscapers in the region step in to help with snow and ice removal ::

— In the Triangle, landscapers intervene to help with snow and ice removal in anticipation of the impending winter storm.

While most landscapers told WRAL News they’re either booked or don’t do residential snow removal, if you’re looking to hire a crew to clear your sidewalk or driveway, there are still a few options.

Rain washed away Sam Speno’s lawn care jobs on Thursday, giving him time to get winter gear out of storage.

“We’re ready. It’s going to be cold, so we’ll have to bundle up, but we’ll get through it,” Speno said.

“We won’t stop until we’ve done it all,” he said.

Speno said he would put his landscaping equipment to work clearing snow and ice.

“They’re great for sidewalks, driveways… all that kind of stuff,” he added.

While Speno three teams will seek existing landscaping customers first, he said, there is still open for new ones.

If you’re looking for lighter help, Sweeps will send a student. The Triangle-based company connects students with hourly jobs such as commuting to yard work and snow removal.

“The snow in North Carolina hits hard and then it comes and goes, so getting it quickly and reliably will be a huge plus,” said Alex Averell, chief marketing officer for Sweeps. “We have ‘sweepers’ who help shovel snow and clear ice from cars, basically making sure people can keep their homes safe. Our sweepers will be there to help people shovel snow.”

Barefoot Lawn Care crews in Smithfield change gear seasonally.

“Some of these trucks actually have tanks that we do lawn chemical applications on, but we’ve taken them all out and are switching to brine,” said Scott Reeder, owner of Barefoot Lawn Care.

Reeder said his employees hit the road Thursday night to pre-Process parking lots for commercial clients, and the plows are lined up ready for whatever comes next. He added that supply chain issues have caused problems getting brine and melting ice. So it draws on the remnants of melting ice from recent winters.

“We have a few years ice melt postponement and we will use it, and we will probably restock after this storm,” he added.

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