Kennedy Center in Trumbull and partner of Paratore on the decontamination system


Trumbull, Connecticut – The Kennedy Center, Inc. and Paratore Enterprises, Inc. (PEI) are pleased to announce that the two companies have entered into a partnership to bring SafePass San-Air products to federal and state government agencies, branches of the army and the police through the us

SafePass San-Air is an innovative solution technology, 100% biodegradable and recyclable, composed of all natural and non-toxic ingredients. Rigorously tested, the system’s advanced technology eliminates 99% of bacteria, mold and germs from surfaces and eliminates pathogens, including COVID-19, from the air by treating the home, office and workspaces safely. safe and free of toxic chemicals.

Dalia Paratore Harrison, President and Founder of Paratore Enterprises, Inc. said, “The primary goal of PEI is. vital surfaces and equipment. With COVID-19 and its mutations still wreaking havoc, now is a crucial time to announce our partnership with the Kennedy Center and SafePass, the makers of San-Air. San-Air products are HVAC decontamination systems, parts dispensers and disinfectant liquids and sprays more efficient than chlorine, UV and other sanitation methods on the market.

The Kennedy Center is a non-profit agency under the AbilityOne program that supports federal, state, and local contracting by providing personal protective equipment (PPE) and employment opportunities to people with disabilities. Rick Sebastian, President and CEO of Kennedy Center, Inc. added, “Since 1951, the Kennedy Center has remained true to our mission of creating opportunity for people of all abilities through our Adult and Community Services divisions. , Workforce Development and Business Enterprises. . We are delighted to partner with PEI, recognized as one of the top aerospace and defense valuation consulting firms in 2021.[1] Prince Edward Island’s expertise in working with manufacturers and businesses to access U.S. Federal Government agencies, branches of the military, and law enforcement in the United States will create opportunities for the Kennedy Center to expand our business operations and in turn fund the expansion of our social services. ”

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About Kennedy Center, Inc.

2021 marks the 70e Kennedy Center anniversary. Since it first opened in 1951, the Kennedy Center has remained true to its mission of serving and creating opportunity for people with disabilities through its Adult and Community Services, Workforce Development, and Social Enterprise divisions. Today, the Kennedy Center provides services, supports and jobs to more than 2,000 people a year in more than 110 communities in Connecticut and New York State.

About Paratore Enterprises, Inc.

The team at Paratore Enterprises, Inc (PEI) has over 70 years of experience providing U.S. government contracting and business management products, strategies and advice to organizations in the industry. PPE, defense and tactics, as well as retail and commercial markets. Prince Edward Island provides expertise in procurement vehicles, supplier relations, trade show / event tactics, official dealer implementation, competitive analysis / differentiators, coaching and development of sales leadership. PEI enables companies to better target their audiences, improve reach, reduce churn and improve pipeline management.

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