Repairing and maintaining your lawn and garden just got a lot easier and more accessible with the extension to 344 K-IT tool stores.

TWIN FALLS, IDAHO, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – The Home Depot, one of the largest home improvement retailers, will now carry K-IT tools from “dadpreneur” Kody Ketterling. The Lego-inspired tool kit that makes it easy to lift your sprinklers off the ground, just expanded its footprint to 344 more stores and counting.

What is K-IT? This is the kit you will need to repair, maintain and secure the upkeep of your lawn and garden throughout the season. This simple 4-step home improvement system requires little to no additional tools, saving you hundreds of dollars and TIME on lawn and garden maintenance each year.

Founder and owner of a landscaping company, Kody Ketterling, discovered the need for this innovative process while working on thousands of lawns and encountering the same problem.

“Usually you have to get your sprinklers and pop-up rotors out, which can be time consuming and arduous,” says Ketterling. “You need to elevate, not dig, your sprinkler system for long term use over time. I am delighted that Home Depot believes in this and will now offer it to customers across the country through stores, .com and QC.

KAP-IT, KLIFT-IT, KUT-IT and KLOK-IT (Cap it, Lift it, Cut it, Lock it) create a solution for the average person to repair sprinklers and rotors without professional help lawn care. words and now, tools and parts that you will need to know for an optimal maintenance of the lawn “So Simple So Easy”. Among the bestsellers is the KAP-IT, which saves you time and manpower, without the clutter, so you can enjoy the things that matter. For any healthy, growing lawn, a sprinkler head will eventually sink below ground level, preventing it from being watered effectively. It will need to be permanently elevated to accommodate a constantly growing lawn or garden. The KAP-IT allows you to place a head and extension on your existing sprinkler head in about a minute with a click / pop sound – a sprinkler height will be increased by an inch and a half. No digging, no mess!

K-IT products are available in various Home Depot areas across the country. If you can’t find it in the store, please find the K-IT products on Homedepot.com, or QC, then shop the nearest Home Depot to see if they sell it in the store. To learn more about the K-IT system, watch a live demo at KJ Ketterling Online Businesses.


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