Jobber Grants program awards $150,000 to 25 companies

Jobbeura provider of home service operations management software, received $150,000 as part of its Subsidy program for jobbers to 25 entrepreneurs selected from thousands of applications. Awards range from $2,500 to $15,000 to help grow and amplify the community impact of their home service businesses.

“Jobber Grants is the only program specifically designed to shine a light on the hardworking and often overlooked entrepreneurs who make up the home services category,” said Sam Pillar, CEO and co-founder of Jobber. “We are delighted to recognize these people and support their ambitions to build something from scratch. The contributions of these individuals, whether new to home service or industry veterans, are helping to build stronger, more resilient communities across North America, and it is our honor to recognize this. .

Individuals were selected based on written submissions, followed by interviews with a Jobber panel.

Shaylyn and Timothy Bliss, founders of Home Roots Lawn Care in San Marcos, Texas, received a $10,000 grant. The Blisses founded Home Roots Lawn Care amid the pandemic when Shaylyn Bliss was pregnant and Timothy Bliss mowed lawns between shifts as a firefighter, working around 150 hours a week.

The business has grown enough to provide full-time positions for the couple, who will use the grant to expand their team and purchase equipment. Home Roots Lawn Care recently donated a significant amount of resources and time to clean up low-income properties as part of a citywide event, which they plan to participate in annually.

“This Jobber grant is such a big step forward for our business and also comes at a good time,” said Shaylyn Bliss. “We are in the process of training several new recruits, which will allow us to focus on more complex tasks and overall planning.”

Of the 25 companies that Jobber has awarded grants to, six are landscaping companies, including Home Roots Lawn Care.

Full list of recipients can be found here.

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