Insider secrets your landscaper won’t share

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This week, Ken Lain The Mountain Gardener at Watters Garden Center in Prescott, AZ discusses landscaping tips for beginners including the first thing to do, how to make landscaping look professional, natural curb appeal and Moreover!

Whether it’s installing landscaping elements, doing housework, or selecting plants for the yard, it helps to understand the insider secrets that landscapers won’t share. Thinking like a professional saves a lot of money, time and frustration. Best of all, unlocking these pro tips helps you transform your plantings from a simple collection of plants into sophisticated landscaping.

Landscaping is anything that is not alive, such as irrigation, raised beds, ponds, and retaining walls. The features of Hardscape are captivating, but not all are equally necessary. Some types of hardscapes are extremely expensive; it is essential to prioritize landscaping over a budget. Prioritize projects essential to your enjoyment.

Everyone is enthusiastic about having an elite patio with an outdoor kitchen. However, you might not like it much when cooking in the sun. A simple patio covered with a covered pergola is often a better investment. It offers a permanent, shaded retreat for dining, chatting with friends or just enjoying the flower beds planted nearby.

Save time with these lawn care tips
Lawn maintenance can be a chore. Here are some tips that connoisseurs use to save considerable time laying down a mowing strip and using a mulching mower.

After laying down a mowing strip and seeing how much time it saves you, you’ll be sorry you didn’t uncover this landscaper’s secret sooner. It consists of a row of pavers separating the turf from an adjacent area or structure. You run the wheels on one side of the mower over this strip, giving you a clean cut along the edge. No need to come back later to slice and edit.

Save time by using a mulching mower rather than a bag attachment. No need to empty those dirty grass clippings anymore. The finely mulched grass acts as a lawn fertilizer, saving time to purchase more fertilizer.

Finding a balance between monotony and variety
Each owner prefers variety in a landscape. One way to add flair to your design is to vary the viewer’s line of sight rather than keeping everything flat on one plane. A landscape berm is the simplest, but so will the intelligent selection of plants. Grow a variety of plants that are different in height. Plan transitions between them for a smooth flow.

Let’s say a row of landscaped trees lines the northern boundary of the property. To lower the viewer’s eye level a notch, plant shrubs in front of them. Complete the three-tiered design with a border of ground cover plants in the front.

A secret landscaper swears around here at the Watters Garden Center is to plant a group of plants together in odd numbers and repeat that grouping elsewhere in the yard. It could be three Golden Star Cinquefoil grown together in a flower border in the driveway, complemented by a group of five more in a foundation bed. Each group gets a bigger impact than a solitary shrub, while the repetition brings unity to the design, bringing together different parts of the yard.

Keep your plants healthy.
The best fall advice I can give you is to feed and care for the plants you have. The most important food of the year is applied in the fall. Feed everything in the yard with Watters 7-4-4 All Purpose Plant Fertilizer for better fall colors and healthier plants next spring. Second, treat your evergreen pine and spruce with Plant Protector. This easy-to-use plant bath keeps bugs out of your trees and tall evergreens for the year to come.

Feed and prevent at the same time or over several weekends. The two easy tasks make for better gardening this fall and next year.

Until next week, I’ll be helping locals design better landscapes here at Watters Garden Center.

This article was written by Ken Lain. He can be found throughout the week at Watters Garden Center, 1815 W. Iron Springs Rd in Prescott, or contacted through his website at Where

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