HVAC Expo estimate exceeds $ 2 million

October 18 — A preliminary estimate to supply a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system for the McAlester exhibition center has exceeded $ 2 million.

Tony Stafford, along with Carrier, on Monday gave Pittsburg County commissioners an estimate of $ 1.350 million to provide the HVAC for the west end of the Expo, which includes the large area that has been the site of concerts, basketball tournaments, rodeos and other major events.

He also gave the curators an estimate of $ 850,000 on what it would take to replace most of the HVAC unit on the east side of the exhibition center. The east side of the Expo, which includes the large hall used for wrestling banquets and other events, already has an HVAC unit, but commissioners said there were a number of issues.

Smith said about 75% of the HVAC system on the east side of the exhibition center will need to be redone or replaced, but some can still be used,

When the numbers were known, the total preliminary estimates for the cost of providing HVAC on the west and east sides of the fairgrounds totaled $ 2.2 million.

That’s more than the roughly $ 1 million city officials said it would cost to provide air conditioning to the entire exhibition center when the City of McAlester was operating the facility, but their numbers did not include the east side of the building, which already had HVAC services. , including air conditioning.

With HVAC items on the County Commissioners meeting’s agenda for discussion only, they took no action on it at their Monday meeting.

District 2 commissioner Kevin Smith said county commissioners also expect another quote for the supply of HVAC to the entire exhibition center.

“Trane is supposed to give us another one,” Smith said.

Stafford also discussed the CVC at the Pittsburg County Courthouse, which currently has the CVC, but is having issues. Smith previously said some county offices were too hot, while others were too cold. Stafford discussed the replacement of the current HVAC system.

“If I have to get a cost, I found $ 900,000,” he said, ie if the company’s equipment was compatible with the current system.

“It’s going to be around $ 900,000, I guess,” Stafford said. If the equipment is not compatible, it may be necessary to custom manufacture it, which would increase the price.

Smith said he had already spoken to four HVAC engineers at the courthouse, assuming the system will need to be redesigned to equalize heat and airflow. He thought that the availability of some of this information could be useful and lower the price of the courthouse,

“I can do a part of that and provide you with that information; that would help,” Smith said.

“An engineer won’t be able to just look at the fingerprints,” Stafford said, indicating that an engineer should be on hand to verify the situation. However, if a company receives a set of blueprints that an engineer has created for the project, they should be able to proceed from there, he said.

Stafford also said that, like the rest of the country, the industry he works in is also facing a slowdown in obtaining equipment: “Just to let you know,” he said.

Although the issue of providing HVAC to the entire exhibition center was not a point of action on Monday, Smith said he was happy to receive the first estimates of the total cost of the project.

“I’m delighted to get the numbers,” Smith said after the meeting, which was also attended by District 1 Commissioner Charlie Rogers.

When all quotes are available, the commissioners will put the issue on the meeting’s agenda and make a decision, Smith said.

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