How to spend it like the Windsors

On a cold, bright morning, I wander down a busy Bond Street feeling like Clarissa Dalloway. She is, of course, Virginia Woolf’s upper-class protagonist in Mrs Dalloway. The modernist novel opens with her buying flowers on Bond Street for an impending dinner party. I too have dinner tonight, so I stop by Charbonnel and Walker to pick up a box of Rose & Violet Creams. “You have good taste,” said the assistant. “They are the Queen’s favourites.”

It is not a coincidence. Today I decided to live like the queen, enjoying everything she and her blue-blooded family adore. For 24 hours I want to indulge in brands that have been granted a Royal Warrant, which is basically a seal of approval from the monarch herself, or the Prince of Wales or, until recently, the late Prince Philip .

Royal warrants, issued since the 15th century, allow an individual or a brand to announce that they are supplying the royal family. Owning one is a game-changer: once a mandate is granted to a brand, it becomes highly coveted. The queen is, after all, the original influencer – like Kim Kardashian, but with less filler and more corgis.

There are more than 800 royal warrant holders, ranging from chimney sweeps and Kellogg’s to smart car brands like Range Rover and Aston Martin and five-star hotels like The Goring.

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