How to prepare your home for cold weather


No matter what type of home you live in, old or new, big or small, creatures of all shapes and sizes will find their way inside. According to Tony’s Pest Control, for a wild animal, a house is a warm, dry sanctuary, an ideal shelter from the elements. Small dark spaces, such as an attic, basement, garage, even within walls, are especially attractive, away from attention, and potentially great places to find or store food. Cold temperatures cause animals to seek a place to hide inside homes, as wildlife control expert Luke Ferguson tells Havahart, which can further damage your walls, wiring and more. . There are ways to tell if you have an infestation, as well as ways to eradicate these creatures.

You can quite easily detect critters in your home through one of five senses, none of which are particularly pleasurable. Seeing droppings or holes carved into the walls, hearing things creak or rush at night, or unfortunately smelling something bad can indicate you have unwanted visitors (via Tony). Depending on where you live, these creatures can be as small and common as mice or squirrels, or as unpredictable or rare as raccoons or armadillos.

The key to getting these pests out of your home? Find out what attracts them and how they enter. For what attracts them, it’s best to lock trash cans, close all open food containers/remove any outside food that may attract them to the house, according to Tony’s. Ferguson also suggests that when eliminating pests inside the home, seal all entry points and use live traps to eliminate any that you cannot force open.

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