How to get rid of moss in your lawn

In addition to lawn moss, this plant can grow between cracks and on the surface of walkways, driveways, tiles, etc. It is important to remove moss from these areas as this will ensure the continued beauty of your property. But visual appeal isn’t the only reason to fight moss growth on a driveway, sidewalk, wall, or roof.

Your driveway in particular sees a considerable amount of foot traffic. Every day when you and the rest of your family members go out to perform routine activities outside the home, this surface is walked many times, going back and forth to and from the house. Since moss retains moisture, a colony on the driveway or paved driveway of your home or garage can be a slip hazard.

Driveway Paving reports that pressure washing can be an effective way to remove moss growth from driveway surfaces and cracks. Pressure washing is easy to do and only requires a water hookup and a pressure washer (which can be rented from home improvement stores). This is great for a quick fix, but may not be the best option if your lawn is susceptible to moss growth. Pressure washing will cause the plant to explode, but the spores will linger, potentially settling on a nearby patch of lawn or concrete surface, starting the growth process over and requiring them to be removed again.

Instead, using a bleach or vinegar spray or applying baking soda to the surface to dry the moss will make bulk removal more accessible. Alternatively, for loose moss that hasn’t penetrated the nooks and crannies of the walkway, boiling water can be an effective way to kill the growth.

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