How to “convert” any foreign diploma to be used in France

People with foreign academic or professional qualifications can apply online for a ‘certificate of comparability ‘ to help employers and educational organizations understand the equivalent French diploma.

Those certificates are not legally binding but they are useful and some companies and universities ask for them.

They are obtained via the website of France Education International, the French branch of an international network of centers called Enic-Naric.

The process costs 70 €.

Professional roles in France fall under either regulated profession Where unregulated.

The former require specific training and examinations; like doctors, dentists, lawyers, sports trainers, plumbers and chimney sweeps. See here for a full list.

Enic-Naric can provide a certificate for a limited number of them (but not for the self-employed).

These include the building trades, hairdressers, butchers and mechanics. See here for the list.

For other regulated professions, you should contact the governing body of the profession in France regarding recognition.

Requirements for jobs in unregulated occupations will depend on the employer.

After Brexit, it is more difficult to get British qualifications accepted in France, as agreements between EU states to promote the workers’ movement no longer apply.

Under these rules, employers are obliged to consider qualifications obtained in other Member States, and in certain professions such as doctors, dentists, veterinarians, midwives, pharmacists and architects, recognition is automatically granted due to common training standards.

Bodies are not obliged to accept non-European qualifications, but it is still possible to have them assessed and the agreement on future Brexit relations states that the parties have agreed on a ‘framework’ for help make the recognition system flexible. Closer agreements may be concluded profession by profession in the future.

Some jobs can only be filled by EU nationals, such as notaries, lawyers, accountants, teachers in public schools and nurses in public hospitals with official status.

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