How to Beautify Your Yard with an American Flag

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Are you looking to upgrade your yard this year with something eye-catching? How about a beautiful American flag flying high as the centerpiece of your garden?

It’s not as difficult as it may seem. Install a mast and buy the best american flag is a task you can take care of yourself. Here are five tips for sprucing up your yard with an American flag.

Find the perfect location

The first step in any garden improvement is to imagine it and find the best place to put it. Adding a flag to your garden is no different; you have to let your mind wander.

You need to be careful where you place it so it doesn’t look out of place or be hidden by shrubs or trees. Take a walk around your garden and try to imagine where it would look best, both from a landscaping perspective and visibility to passers-by.

Some familiar places where you will often see a good flagpole are near the front porch or deck among landscaping, near the driveway, or on a corner lot. Wherever you think it would look best is where you should go with it, it’s really up to you.

There is no wrong answer for many of these steps. It’s a personal preference, as long as you keep in mind that you want people to see the flag and be able to admire your hard work and patriotism.

Buy a high quality flag

This is an essential piece because if you skip this part all the hard work can be wasted. Regular store-bought flags are cheap, but they are poor quality and don’t last. Nothing is more horrible than an old, tattered flag blowing in the wind.

A high quality flag will be made with quality materials like 200 denier nylon and sewn by hand. Often the highest quality flags are made in America. The high quality fabric resists fading, tearing and fraying much better than cheaper options. This allows your flag to look great all year round.

These flags may be a bit more expensive, but they are worth it. They are so much more resistant to wind and weather. What you spend initially will save you a lot with longevity and keep your new flag flying for years to come.

Determine the correct installation

Once you have everything laid out and purchased a quality American made flag and pole, you will need to think about how to install it correctly.

Smaller masts can be easily installed with a little help from a friend. First, you’ll need to dig a small hole, line it up properly so it’s straight, and anchor it in the ground with concrete, and you’re done.

If you are considering installing a taller mast, you may want to consult with professionals before you begin. Larger masts can be heavy and difficult to maneuver without specialized machinery.

Work out the steps to install it and get to work (or watch someone who knows what they’re doing.)

Landscaping around your flag

What can make a flag look great in your yard is nice landscaping around the base. It gives it contrast, catches the eye and connects your property.

What that landscaping is, again, is up to you. Some people like to plant a beautiful flower garden around the base, while others simply add a bed of woodchips paired with patriotic lawn ornaments. There is no limit to what you can do.

If you’re ambitious, you can plant new shrubs around the base to match what you have along the house. It can be beautiful, but it also requires a lot of maintenance.

This is the stage of the process where you can go wild. You can be an artist, and your garden is your canvas. Use your imagination.

Raise your flag and watch it fly

The final step in the process of sprucing up your yard with an American flag is to hoist it and watch it fly.

A high quality hand stitched flag is breathtaking when you stand back and watch the wind get to work. The colors on the fabric are vivid and shine like never before.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and get your flag today.

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