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If you’re a landscaping company that offers vacation lighting, this service is probably booming right now. But whether or not you already offer holiday lighting services, one way to get your customers into the seasonal spirit is to decorate houseplants. Bozeman, Montana Blanchford Landscape Group has had great success with creating interior and exterior green landscape designs for their clients.

Carrie Rule, director of the gardening services division for Blanchford, said that since many of the company’s clients are vacation home owners in Montana, they want their homes already decorated for the holidays when they come to stay. She says living plants help a home feel warm, inviting and festive for the season. Blanchford uses a lot of living garlands decorated with pine cones, berries and other decorations.

“I also use greenery in vases that I’ll strategically place around the house for a bit of color and scent,” Rule adds. “A lot of times we think arrangements are about flowers. But you don’t need fresh flowers to create a living plant decor. Freshly cut greens are really effective.”

Red dogwood and curly willow are two interesting additions to holiday arrangements, suggests Rule.

Holiday plants to consider

A few poinsettias and lively greenery round off this holiday look perfectly.Blanchford Landscape Group

Along with the live greens, Rule says they’ll also bring some of the typical plants you might think of for a holiday display. These include poinsettias, white papers, amaryllis, and Christmas cacti. Placing these plants in a variety of prominent places around the house helps add a bit of cheerfulness.

“I also really like the Norfolk Island pine, which looks like a small Christmas tree,” adds Rule. “Some owners even want this decorated with ornaments.”

The olive tree is a lesser-known plant that can add a bit of zest for life, continues Rule. It is a symbol of peace, which is perfect for the holidays. Another possibility is succulents, which add more “green” to the house, Rule says.

“For our busy customers, succulents are great because they really don’t require a lot of care,” explains Rule. “It’s a great choice that guests can enjoy well beyond the holidays. “

Rule typically adds succulents to large bowls or other decorative containers, making it a work of art that can be used as a decoration on a table or counter.

Think beyond the lights

Adding a holiday plant decor to your list of services is an easy way to keep your team members busy off-season and provide customers with added value. This is a service that might appeal to busy residential customers, second home owners, or even business customers who would like you to decorate an office lobby. Even if you don’t offer holiday lighting services, this is one way to add some holiday cheer to your customers’ lives and make a little extra profit in the process. In the end, it is a victory for all.

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