GreenPal now offers Brandon residents a way to receive convenient, contactless lawn care

GreenPal customers can choose from a variety of local lawn care professionals.

Lawn care Uber is making its way to the Brandon area with the expansion of GreenPal that will bring the lawn mowing app to Hillsborough County residents. GreenPal is a Nashville-based service that allows residents to request local lawn services to maintain their gardens in a safe, contactless way.

GreenPal, an app that first launched in Tennessee in 2015, allows homeowners to list their lawns and indicate when they need service. From there, the shortlisted local lawn professionals can bid on the yard and the homeowner can decide which lawn service they will employ. Over 30% of GreenPal users are over the age of 60 and have greatly benefited from the availability of contactless service made possible by the digital payment method.

“We actually have no influence on pricing,” said Gene Caballero, co-founder of GreenPal. “We just connect the homeowner with the lawn care professional.”

Approximately 35 lawn care services in the Brandon area are available through the app. GreenPal supports local services by helping with marketing and route optimization and only charges a 5% fee to the company, not the customer.

“I have been a landscaper all my life. I grew up mowing lawns and did it in college. I knew there was a disconnect, … I knew there had to be a better way to connect homeowners with landscaping professionals,” Caballero explained.

Caballero has worked in sales on the West Coast and has seen digital services like Uber achieve great success. He incorporated both his lawn care work experience and his knowledge of sales to create an app that would become the “Uber for lawn care.”

“I knew if someone was going to call a stranger to pick them up and take them somewhere, they would do the same someday with lawn maintenance,” Caballero said. “This idea was floated in 2012, but we didn’t really get the ball rolling until 2015.”

Since its launch, GreenPal has expanded to 48 states and has over one million registered owners. Over 25,000 landscaping professionals run their business on GreenPal and provide convenient, contactless service to their customers.

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