Germantown Board Approves Park Plans


Germantown Village Council approved multiple applications for three parks at its May 2 meeting.

The council approved the landscaping of the Haupt Strasse and Friedenfeld baseball fields at a cost not to exceed $34,640. The work will be carried out by Total Lawn Care.

According to information from parks and recreation manager Gil Standridge, “The job (will be) to use a laser to identify the high and low points of the indoor turf that need to be corrected. Check that the bases are the correct distance apart and make sure square, and move pitches if necessary Add twenty yards of Leissners baseball mix Level the entire infield for maximum drainage.

The work will also include the supply and installation of a model batter’s box that covers both right and left handed batters as well as an installed model box where the catcher and umpire stand.

In a May 2 memo to the board, Standridge added that “After a lip trim and re-grading, adding a field magic blend is a great option to reduce pressure on the maintenance staff. These diamonds will require 45 tons for initial installation. The skin itself will have a lifespan of 7-10 years if properly managed.

The council also approved repairs to the Kinderberg tennis court and Haupt Strasse pickle ball courts. According to a memo from Standridge, work on the Haupt Strasse pickle ball courts will consist of repairing approximately 250 linear feet of areas with a field patch binder. At Kinderberg, work will include re-staining of four courts (approximately 28,024 square feet), pressure washing surface, sanding all repairs smooth to the surface, applying two coats of acrylic resurfacer and Laykold Color, layout and installation of masked white lines.

The total labor for the work of both projects will cost $40,544.

The board approved the addition of a protective netting to the Haupt Strasse field protective netting. The work will include the supply and installation of baseball nets above the existing home plate and backstop area. Sideline repairs will include straightening and repairing the first and third base sidelines and the dugout chain-link fences. There will also be a sunshade installed above the dugout fences. The total cost of all work will not exceed $16,395.

-By Thomas J. McKillen, Editor

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