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A 19th and Washington garage damaged in a storm nearly a year and a half ago was deemed unsafe and unsafe by Great Bend City Council on Monday evening.

The structure on the southwest corner of 2555 19th Street has been inspected by the Code Enforcement Department and Building Inspector Logan Burns, City Attorney Bob Suelter said. They made the decision as to his condition.

In order to hold a hearing, notice must be given by adopting, sending and publishing a resolution announcing that the matter has been scheduled. That hearing was set for 6:30 p.m. on Monday, December 20 at Town Hall, 1209 Williams, before the council meeting began that evening.

Burns performed a visual inspection from the public right-of-way on the accessory structure. During the inspection, the following were noted:

• A deteriorated tarp covered the roof where a tree had already fallen on it on June 21, 2020.

• The top double plate at the location has been split in half and separated on the east and west sides of the hole.

• The north wall was pushed north about three to four inches and the northwest corner of the structure tilted west about six to eight inches. This is proof that the top plate is separate and does not keep the corner plumb.

• There does not appear to be any sign of the garage door header sagging, but it will not close completely.

• Looking at the roof (without being able to accurately measure the hole from the roof or from the inside), he estimated that six to seven rafters had been damaged by the stressing tree as well as the roof covering which did not. is no longer in place.

• Without seeing the underside of the roof from the inside, he could not tell the exact amount of damage to the structure.

• Due to damage to the posts, wall cladding, top double plate, rafters, roof cladding, and dislocation of the north wall and northwest corner, the structure may “not be able to. to resist all forces and loads. to which they may be subjected if left unattended.

• This structure would not respect the 1991 Uniform Housing Code.

“I would recommend that the board take the appropriate steps to have this structure repaired or removed,” Burns said in his written report to the board.

There are a few issues, Suelter said. Number one, they don’t know what’s in the garage, and may not know it until the hearing, and the owners are in jail in Newton County, Ark,

They are, however, in contact with the owner’s brother.

Another matter of ownership

In the case of another house on council’s radar as once a hazard, council removed the house at 1007 10th St. from all hazardous and hazardous structures hearing lists, and allowed permits to be revoked. to make the house habitable.

A public hearing on the property took place on September 7 after the case was first raised in July. At the hearing, owners and potential buyers contacted municipal staff and presented a plan for the rehabilitation and repair of the structure.

It was from this house that residents, including children, were evicted due to filthy conditions and a lack of utilities.

But, potential buyers cleaned up the property, repaired damage from the 2003 fire, removed trees and hauled several dumpsters full of trash from inside, Suelter said. They also made structural improvements.

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