Frosty Flakes: Cats love boxes and satellite dishes and fish can now drive

Last week, I reported a standoff between a couple and their three cats over a VitaMix blender. As soon as the box was delivered and put on the floor, one of the cats sat on the box and they haven’t left it since. The women decided to see how long it would take to survive their felines.

Update. The standoff continues.

The owner of Vitamix Cats lets the saga continue indefinitely
“We don’t have a definitive end date on this,” Jessica Gerson-Neeves, the cats’ owner, told Insider.

frosted flakes

Nebraska T&F: Latimer sets school record at Graduate Classic – University of Nebraska
Making her Husker debut, Taylor Latimer set a school shot put record on day one of the Graduate Classic on Friday. Latimer placed second with a

Huskers Mens Tennis sweeps Bluejays – University of Nebraska
Lincoln, Neb. – The Nebraska men’s tennis team (1-0, 0-0 Big Ten) started the season with a victory over Creighton (0-1, 0-0 Big East), as they swept the Bluejays 7 -0.

Husker Rifle falls short against Akron – University of Nebraska
Lincoln, Neb.- Despite a record effort from sophomore captain Cecelia Ossi, the Nebraska Rifle team lost their fourth straight game, falling to Akron by a score

Sporty stuff outside of the 402/308

NFL continues to fail to hire 101 – The Ringer
Football needs a better way to find and hire coaches and general managers

The best trolls of the 2021 college football season
The 2021 college football season has seen chaos, upheaval and trolls. These schools have flexed their social media muscles the best this year.

What is upholstery? All About the Belichick Patriots Secret – Sports Illustrated
All about the mysteries of football arts and crafts, made with a #2 pencil, a pair of scissors and tape.

Bengals beat Raiders for first playoff win since 1990-91 season
Cincinnati quarterback Joe Burrow carries the Bengals past the Raiders in a wildcard playoff game.

Former Husker QB Zac Taylor earned his first playoff win as a head coach.

Raiders robbed by wrong whistle on Joe Burrow’s TD pass to Tyler Boyd
Worst referee in the 2021 NFL season? The linesman blew the wrong whistle on a Joe Burrow TD pass that shouldn’t have counted against the Raiders.

As a Broncos fan, I don’t believe the Raiders are ever robbed. On this one, the referees were right in being wrong. It would have been better if they had understood right from the start.

ACC ends college football playoff expansion. What happens afterwards?
ACC commissioner Jim Phillips cited athlete health and welfare among other concerns: “We have much bigger issues facing us than whether to expand the PCP.”

Joe B. Hall, former Kentucky basketball coach, dies at 93
Legendary Kentucky men’s basketball coach Joe B. Hall, who led the Wildcats to the 1978 national championship, has died.

Missouri coach Eli Drinkwitz uses dump truck to recruit linemen
Missouri coach Eli Drinkwitz showed up at a high school in a dump truck to sign an offensive lineman.

More noise and other disturbances

Cat on a hot satellite dish: Elon Musk’s Starlink antenna has a surprise problem | Technology | The Guardian
Starlink’s satellite internet performance fell victim to felines attracted to the heat its dish gives off in cold weather

Colors You’ve Probably Never Heard Of | Mental Floss
You should wear ‘smaragdine’ on St. Patrick’s Day and look for furniture in a beautiful shade of ‘wenge’. Here are a few other colors you’ve probably never heard of.

Maryland firefighters rescue suspected intruder stuck in chimney | FoxNews
Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Department firefighters recovered a suspected intruder who became trapped in the chimney of a Maryland home over the weekend, officials said.

‘World’s Largest’ Cast Iron Skillet Hits Tennessee Freeway –
Drivers on a Tennessee highway encountered an unusual oversized load on the road – a 14,360-pound cast-iron skillet said to be the largest in the world.

Are shark attacks more likely under a full moon? A study suggests that lunar cycles could play a role
A study published in Frontiers of Marine Science compared 46 years of shark attack data with lunar cycles and found fuller moons correlated with more attacks.

Researchers have claimed that the air in the zoo could contain enough DNA to identify the animals inside | News from the world of nature
Two research groups published independent proof-of-concept studies in the journal Current Biology on Jan. 6, showing that collecting air from a local zoo can capture enough DNA to identify animals there. . This could be an appropriate and non-invasive way to track biodiversity.

Are daddy longlegs really the most venomous spiders in the world? | Live Science
Is there any truth to the story that longleg daddies are the most venomous spiders?

Cows Elk Gone Wild

Herd of elk disrupts traffic for commuters in North Carolina
The elk strolled casually through the village as commuters stopped to let them pass and take pictures.

Here’s your weekly poo article

COVID-19 Experts: Poop Data Shows Omicron Peaking in US
There are some early indications that the Omicron wave may have peaked, at least in the poo, but the next two to three weeks are going to be tough.

Study finds reduced microbial diversity in guts of wild bears that eat human food | North Carolina State News
Eating human food appears to reduce microbial diversity in the guts of wild bears.

So there is this

Watch This Goldfish Drive An Aquarium On Wheels | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine
The car was designed to move based on the location of the fish in its tank, showing that the animals can figure out how to navigate unfamiliar environments

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