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The JCB iron has helped Maietta Lawn Care carry out her projects more efficiently, productively and safely.

Maietta Lawn Care is fast approaching its 20th anniversary and according to company president Justin Maietta a lot has changed since he named the company when he founded it.

“The lawn care part of our name was only really a factor in the early years of the business,” Maietta said. “Usually our family has a history of construction and excavation and lawn maintenance was a good way for this business to start. But we very quickly turned to landscaping, snow removal. , then the excavation projects and we bought the support equipment to make that happen.

Maietta Lawn Care’s clientele is primarily located in Southeastern Maine, including Cumberland County, Scarborough, Portland and surrounding areas.

“Certainly some of these early lawn care customers have become our commercial customers, but we have developed a significant portfolio of commercial excavation and site development customers in this region and it continues to grow for us,” did he declare. “I am very proud of the diversity of our experiences and we have continued to retain some of the lawn care and landscaping clients.

Maietta Lawn Care’s equipment fleet has grown significantly over the past 20 years and a high percentage of the fleet consists of JCB machines bought from Alta Equipment Company.

“A few years ago we had to modernize our mini loaders and we took a look at the JCB,” Maietta said. “For many different reasons, but in particular the side entry door and the security advantages of that door really appealed to us. I don’t like seeing our operators getting on and off the machine through the front bucket – and the dangers that come with that. “

“As the number of commercial snowplows we did increased, I really enjoyed this side entry door,” said Adam Maietta, Justin’s brother. “For example, if you had to stop at a gate to get an entry ticket, getting out of the skid steer loader through the front bucket in the middle of a snowstorm was not only painful, it was dangerous. The side door entry on the JCB skid steer loader made all the difference in the world. “

Maietta’s experience with this JCB skid steer loader led her to purchase other JCB equipment from Alta Equipment Company, including a JCB 409 skid steer loader.

“As our business grew we needed more cargo capacity and the JCB 409 was a great fit for some of our commercial properties,” said Adam Maietta. “A big plus of the JCB 409 which I like is its speed on the road. We register the machines so we can drive them from property to property and with a speed of 25 mph it has been a real time saver. and money for us. “

As the business continued to grow and the size of projects and customer base increased, Maietta Lawn Care had to purchase a larger wheel loader, a JCB Model 427 wheel loader.

“When it came time to buy the bigger loader, we compared several brands in the same size class and the JCB machine had far more horsepower than the rest,” said Adam Maietta.

Then Maietta Lawn Care needed another excavator and the company went out of the way a bit and added wheels with the JCB Hydradig 110W, the JCB wheel excavator and tool carrier fitted with a Steelwrist tiltrotator.

“The Hydradig is a unique piece of gear on wheels and to be honest I was skeptical at first,” said Justin Maietta. “However, last summer we worked on a lot of projects located in parking lots and it is extremely convenient to be able to drive anywhere on the site without damaging it. In addition, the Steelwrist tiltrotator is a complete piece of equipment. unique that lets you do just about anything. The flexibility you have with your attachments is beyond anything we’ve ever had before. This purchase was way beyond my expectations. “

Adam Maietta added that the JCB Hydradig 110W saved the company many hours of work.

“You can clean the corners without having to put someone in the hole and you can reach areas that you could never reach with a conventional bucket,” he said. “The handling is amazing. Depending on the attachment you use, if you don’t have a skid steer loader available, you can move equipment through a parking lot at 27 mph without spillage.

“The visibility of the Hydradig is excellent,” he added. “You don’t have a back swing, so the machine body never goes out of the wheelbase – the machine’s counterweight is completely below you and there are no blind spots in the wheelbase. cabin; you get full visibility all around. The only thing you need to focus on is how high you are with the boom. “

The ease of maintenance of the Hydradig also impressed Adam Maietta.

“Everything that needs to be reached is accessible from ground level,” he said. “The panels are easy to reach and open. You can also access and remove the motor to access everything. “

While the JCB iron has helped Maietta Lawn Care complete her projects more efficiently, productively and safely, there is more than that that is pushing the company back to JCB and Alta Equipment Company, according to Justin Maietta.

“JCB has great rental programs,” he said. “No one else offers the same options as JCB and they have been fun to manage. In fact, payments fluctuate seasonally to accommodate our cash flow. “

He added that Alta Equipment has been very pleasant to deal with for the service.

“The problems we have had are rare,” he said. “When we needed their after-sales service, they were on top the same day, and if they couldn’t fix it right away, they gave us a machine to use while they worked on ours. . Even during a time when the supply chain is disrupted, Alta Equipment Company has always had the parts we needed. “

“Our sales representative at Alta Equipment Company is Toby Reynolds and he has been a great representative for Alta Equipment Company and JCB,” added Adam Maietta. “He is available to us 24/7, is a great source of information and becomes a bit like a member of the family. You could tell he enjoys taking good care of his clients.

Recently, Maietta Lawn Care had the opportunity to tour the JCB factory in Savannah, Georgia.

“The whole installation was very impressive,” said Justin Maietta. “The company’s commitment to quality and having the right parts inventory on hand to support dealers was evident. And what we enjoy the most about working with Alta Equipment Company for JCB Equipment is that we share the same philosophy in how we deal with customers. Regardless of the size of the job, take care of the customer first. Get the job done right, get it done on time, and the customer will keep coming back. “

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JCB 409 Compact Wheel Loader: Specification Overview
  • Pilot steer for excellent handling
  • 25 mph road speed
  • Powerful turbocharged engine
  • Easy access to ground level service
  • 500 hour engine service intervals
  • 12,830 pounds operating weight
  • 1.3 m standard bucket
  • 74 hp Tier IV final engine
  • No DEF or DPF
JCB 427 Wheel Loader: Features at a Glance
  • Robust articulation
  • Well positioned steering cylinders
  • Optional five-speed transmission with torque converter lock-up
  • Eco mode, which reduces fuel consumption while maintaining productivity
  • Comfortable driving environment all day
  • JCB Smoothride load suspension
  • 30,000 pounds operating weight
  • 3.1 m. standard bucket capacity
  • 179 hp engine
JCB Hydradig 110W: Specifications at a Glance
  • 109 hp engine
  • 25,258 pounds operating weight
  • Four-wheel steering, two-wheel steering and crabbing
  • 13 ft. turn radius
  • Operates comfortably within the confines of a two-lane highway
  • Reverse option
  • Front and rear swing reduced by only 5 feet.
  • Kingpost allows operators to dig in parallel without compromising stability
  • Top speed of 25 mph
  • Three mobility modes: highway mode, site mode and crawling mode
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