Former Midtown Kingston cigar factory has an asking price of $ 2.75 million – Daily Freeman

KINGSTON, NY – A Midtown building that housed a cigar factory in the early 20th century and more recently housed N&S Supply Co. is on the market for $ 2.75 million.

The building at 25 Dederick St., which dates from 1907, is offered for sale by SVN Deegan-Collins Commercial Realty. It was originally home to the GW Van Slyke & Horton Cigar Co., which once employed 800 people in its lamination department alone, according to the Friends of Historic Kingston group.

The subsequent owners of the building, which sits just off Broadway, included Federal Veterans Blinds and Canfield Supply. N&S Supply, a plumbing, heating and air conditioning distributor, bought Canfield Supply in 1999 and the Dederick Street building a year later.

N&S recently vacated the building and moved to 120 Woods Road in the town of Ulster.

The Dederick Street building is five stories tall, includes 32,000 square feet of space, has 12 foot high ceilings and, according to SVN Deegan-Collins, is “zoned for retail, service businesses, theaters. showrooms, art studios, performing arts classes and manufacturing goods for sale on site.

“The building best represents the cigar industry that flourished in Kingston around the turn of the century,” said Friends of Historic Kingston.

Friends also said the building demonstrated that the factories of the time “were deemed worthy of architectural treatment, as shown by the vertical brick panels and the corner tower with arched Italian-style and twin windows. and rustic corners “.

Over the years, the group said, a dilapidated fire escape and platform have been removed, mechanical components have been upgraded, and a modern elevator has been added.

“Most importantly, the original structure has been kept intact, retaining all of its historic character,” said Wayne Nussbickel, president of N&S Supply.

But “as wonderful and charming as 25 Dederick Street is, it is not well suited for a plumbing, heating and HVAC distributor,” he said. “Located in the middle of the rebirthing district of Midtown, with many other historic structures being renovated, it seemed like the time had come for this grand old building to have the opportunity to be reinvented.

“We hope that the new owners of 25 Dederick Street will respect the history of the building while adapting it for modern use,” added Nussbickel.

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