Financial Moxie opens in Fairfield

FAIRFIELD – A new business has opened on Ninth Street in Fairfield, offering customers every tool imaginable to balance their health, wealth and personality.

The company is called Financial Moxie® Inc. and was founded by Kristen J. Hafner, who remains the company’s president and chief financial planner. The company just held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 17 with the Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce, which allowed the public to walk through the building and learn about the services Moxie offers.


The business consists of three separate parts, Financial Moxie®, Divorce Moxie® and Moxie Bootcamp®.

The company summarized each section of the business as follows:

“Financial Moxie® helps women, families and small businesses achieve financial confidence by providing financial planning solutions. We make sure our clients understand everything to ease their worries and allow them to take control of their financial future.

“Divorce Moxie® helps people before filing, during and after divorce by providing Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® services and resources. Our goal is to help individuals navigate the divorce process with clarity and knowledge during a very stressful and overwhelming time. Kristen has over 14 years of experience in this field and is the only Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® within a 250 mile radius of Fairfield.

“Moxie Bootcamp® helps clients balance their health, wealth, and personality. During our 60/90 day programs, clients learn how to balance their eating, physical, and financial habits to achieve their goals. Our Community Moxie Tribes ® is here to provide support and resources to individuals at all levels.

Hafner explained that his company seeks to give people meaningful control over their lives.

“We can only control what we eat, how active we are and what we spend, especially in a world with so much uncertainty,” she said. “Building self-confidence in what we can control allows us to see otherwise often overlooked opportunities in our daily lives. No question is ever too trivial, and planning is not about how much money is saved at retirement; it’s about the life decisions that are made along the way. Having a plan is great, but real-time financial planning supported by a diverse team of caring specialists makes it achievable!”


Hafner founded Financial Moxie Inc. in 2008. The following year she joined Cambridge Investment Research and, together with her mentor Amy Webber (Chairman and CEO of Cambridge), Divorce Moxie was born. Hafner combined her skills from a previous career as a legal assistant with that of a certified financial planner to help people before, during and after divorce.

“We take the time to understand how clients live their lives to help them invest and plan for their future,” Hafner said.

After the 2008 recession, financial planning within the industry came to the fore. Hafner is dedicated to helping people at all income levels. Working in all aspects of people’s lives, she saw the need for a supportive community. That’s why in 2021, her dream of encompassing health and wealth came true with Moxie Bootcamp.

“Our unique approach helps clients see how their financial health, physical health, and emotional health are intertwined,” Hafner said.


In 2019, Moxie Bootcamp was supposed to launch at a Southern California gym, but the pandemic arrived and changed those plans.

“We considered moving it to a virtual platform, however, every fitness business was moving towards virtual engagement, and we didn’t want our unique program to get lost in the mix,” Hafner said. “So during the pandemic, my team was already based in Fairfield, Iowa, supporting me virtually in [Southern California] so we decided to acquire and build a physical location while everything was still locked down.

Hafner said at the time she wasn’t sure if the company could hold the in-person bootcamp at Fairfield, but decided to pursue the course.

“The Ninth Street building is home to our Moxie team and now the home of our in-person Moxie Bootcamp,” Hafner said. “Our flagship programs, Financial Moxie and Divorce Moxie, are currently offered in Iowa, California, and various other states. We hope to launch our in-person Moxie Bootcamp again in a Southern California location in 2023.”


Hafner said the company’s real estate agent, Charity Richardson, suggested moving to the vacant Ninth Street lot. Mayree Workman, director of customer service and operations in Fairfield and Westlake, Calif., was skeptical at first. Richardson made a video call with Hafner to show him the property, and Hafner liked the open floor plan and saw the potential.

After the building was purchased, the exterior was painted, all new windows were installed along with a mahogany front door, fully glazed garage door for outdoor workout, workout area paved and sunken driveway, as well as a lawn and outdoor patio were added.

“The entire interior was gutted and redesigned to suit our office/gym needs,” Hafner said.

Hafner commissioned a mural to be painted on the north side of the building to match the company’s “Health, Wealth, Self” mindset. The mural was designed and painted by Ali Hval of Iowa City.

“The basement was recently renovated with a custom turquoise epoxy floor,” Hafner said. “With the basement rehab, we hope to add the boxing and weightlifting program later this year.”

Hafner said she was very happy with her business and was glad she held on when the economy turned sour nearly 15 years ago.

“After the 2008 recession, I even thought about leaving the industry to teach full time,” she said. “However, a wise teacher challenged me to use my skills to make a difference. Finding a better way to empower others is what drives me to continually learn, some of my best lessons come from the personal experiences of my clients. »

Along with Hafner and Workman, the company includes project manager Rhonda Short and certified personal trainer and nutritionist Erica Olson.

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Financial Moxie holds its grand opening on June 17, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring the Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce. (Photo courtesy of Mendy McAdams)

Kristen Hafner founded Financial Moxie in 2008. (Submitted photo)

Financial Moxie members attended the annual Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce banquet in April, where they presented an award to Sanctuary Fairfield, which received the Best Kept Secret award. Josie Day, second from left, accepted the award, presented by members of Moxie who are, from left, Mayree Workman, Erica Olson, Kristen Hafner and Rhonda Short. (Photo courtesy of Werner Elmker)

Iowa City artist Ali Hval paints a mural on the north side of the Financial Moxie in Fairfield. (Photo courtesy of Mayree Workman)

Guests use the gym which is part of the Moxie Bootcamp. (Photo submitted)

Guests exercise on the north side of the property, where the building’s mural painted by Ali Hval can be seen. (Photo submitted)

The entire interior of the building has been gutted to accommodate the needs of the gym and the company’s offices. (Photo submitted)

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