Every Fourth U.S. Citizen Has Bad Credit – Should You?

Personal loans seem to have become a popular financial tool. According to the LendingClub report, 24% of customers in the United States have already applied for bad credit loans. No wonder it has become the second most popular type of credit product, leaving credit cards behind.

In the independent survey conducted by American Express, it was explored what US citizens use the borrowed funds for. They estimated that 46% of adult consumers plan to use a personal loan for household, business and private needs. Meanwhile, 31% of Millennials cite credit card debt consolidation as the number one reason for taking out a personal loan.

Before deciding to borrow funds from https://loansbadcreditusa.com/, it is important to understand the basics. Take a look at the positives and negatives first.

Adjective of a personal loan

There are several positive nuances given by personal loans. Here they are:

Versatile use – Apart from debt consolidation, you can use bad credit installment loans to make various purchases. This is especially the case before Christmas when a solid sum of money is needed to buy a bunch of gifts for all family members and friends.

Build a credit historyIf you claim bad loans, you will be able to improve your credit reputation. Personal loans require you to make a fixed monthly payment, which is usually reported to the three major credit agencies. With a quick payback, you can increase your score by 35%.

Suitable for covering large purchases – With a personal loan, you agree to a repayment scheme with the financial backer which allows you to make monthly payments. This can come in handy when making large purchases or paying off actual debt.

Low interest rates and service charges – Many personal loans have low interest rates and no service charges, making them an affordable loan option. According to Forbes, the APR of personal funds typically ranges from 3% to 36%. Meanwhile, the lowest APRs are offered to people with high credit scores.

Quick access to funds – That you refer to https://www.hartloan.com/ or other finance company, you may be able to access funds very quickly. This can be useful if you need a large sum of money on a tight deadline.

Disadvantages of a personal loan

There are several negative nuances to expect from personal loans. They may vary depending on your personal situation. Here they are:

Cannot be used for everythingFinance companies often place strict limits on personal loans. Due to the increased versatility, you cannot use this type of loan for things like car payments, tuition, real estate purchases, etc.

No easy application process – Some funders have more complex requests and longer processing times. This makes the procedure for obtaining a personal loan more complex. In fact, nearly 50% of Millennials say the application process is overwhelming.

Some fees are applicable – If you are having trouble keeping up with your payments, personal funds can hardly be the best possible solution for you. Taking out a loan is a huge responsibility. You need to be sure that you will pay it back on the due date.

Not all funders have good deals – As with any form of credit, not all personal loans are the same. Additionally, you may need to do additional research to find a lender who meets your personal needs.

As you can see, personal loans are a great way to get funds for big ticket items. This can be a home improvement plan or an auto repair program. The main point is to be clear with your own abilities.

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