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EPS Landscaping & Tree Service, a landscaping company based in Pembroke Pines, Florida, announced that it has a variety of landscaping services available to residents and businesses in the Broward County area of ​​Florida. EPS, which stands for Empire Property Services, offers a full range of landscaping services, including the design and installation of landscaping, retaining walls, sod, and more. As a Florida landscaping company, EPS Landscaping specializes in “Tropical Landscaping”, which perfectly suits Florida’s humid climate and features vibrant large leaf plants, water features, lava rocks and island-style decor. The company can even design and install landscaping for swimming pools and other water features, such as fountains or waterfalls. Once a landscape has been installed to their client’s taste, EPS Landscaping can also perform landscape maintenance to keep the landscape and the plants therein looking their best.

EPS Landscaping also provides a variety of tree services for Pembroke Pines and area clients. Tree maintenance services include everything from planting trees to cutting trees, including pruning, pruning and maintaining the trees on a property. The company can also relocate trees, or remove unwanted trees, safely and with the necessary tools and experience to avoid damage to the tree or surrounding property. Especially when a tree is dead, diseased, or poses a significant risk to the safety of nearby people and structures, it’s important that trees are removed by professionals who have the tools and experience to do the job properly. . EPS Landscaping can fell trees using the latest techniques in safe tree removal, and has extensive experience in this area. They even have the special equipment needed to remove and grind tree stumps to prevent root growth after the tree is felled. If someone needs a tree removed quickly, for example after a storm has damaged a tree, EPS Landscaping & Tree Services can provide emergency tree removal services, which may be covered by the owner’s insurance.

Past customers of EPS Landscaping & Tree Services have been happy with the business, with all 12 reviews on Google Maps leaving 5 star ratings. Reviewers frequently mention the excellent service provided by Jessica and Greg, with a recent review stating, “This is the best company!” Jessica is very professional and responsive and Greg is very honest and reliable. He came out quickly with his guys and made our yard amazing! I’m so glad I found them. I will use them for all my lawn care needs and highly recommend them. Other customers have similar feelings. Another recent review, from a client named Gina, says, “I called EPS Landscaping and Tree Service to trim my palms before the last tropical storm. Not only are my palms fantastic, but I haven’t had to go out after the storm to pick up anything in my yard. The team was knowledgeable and courteous, and the customer service was exceptional. Greg and Jessica will take care of you the right way!” These reviews show that EPS Landscaping has excellent customer service and the skills to do the job well and maintain the landscapes in their area consistently.

With their extensive experience and solid reputation, homeowners and homeowners can rest assured that EPS Landscaping & Tree Services will take care of their landscaping, tree, lawn maintenance and more needs. in the Pembroke Pines area. Broward County businesses can also benefit from EPS Landscaping’s commercial landscaping services, which can help businesses and commercial properties look their best from the moment people lay eyes on their property. EPS Landscaping can take care of the plants and maintenance for businesses, and dramatically improve the appeal of the business simply by adding a few plants or shrubs to the front. Anyone interested in learning more about EPS Landscaping and the services they offer can visit the company’s website or see more articles about their work at https://www.pressadvantage.com/i_organization/eps-landscaping-tree-service.


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